Veggie says “Vitamin A”

Keeping a along the theme of nutrients, Wilton Place Elementary learned why their favorite fruits and veggies are so important. We talked a bit about why it’s important to eat healthy for good energy. We then remembering our garden names, we talked about what exactly those fruits actually do for our body.
For example, Joshua Tangerine, is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps defend your immune system, which protects you from getting sick. And to help us remember vitamin C we put our arms up like a shield. Emmanuel Carrot is high in Vitamin A, which helps out our eyes so we made little glasses with our hands.
We discussed up to 6 different nutrients and with gestures to help them remember. To really bring it home we played a game of “Veggie Says” a lot like Simon says but Veggie instead. I called out different nutrients and the students had to act them out. They where pretty adorable.
We turned into a smaller group and then I decided to call everyone a winner and they got an early snack of tangerines and mint which came from the garden.
We then turned to our garden and I showed the students how to weed grasses from out bed. I broke the students into 2 groups one group weeding and the other group was planting and when the students where done planting, bush beans they would tap on the shoulder of another student and switch spots.



-Christina Perez