Sunshine and Beautiful Weather at Atwater

Week two at Atwater Elementary brought us sunshine and beautiful weather, making it the perfect day to get my young gardeners’ hands dirty.

We started the week by learning the 6 different parts of a plant and all of the roles they play. Students drew the life cycle of a plant, from seed to shining seed, and then we took a closer look at roots.

The garden was sporting quite a bit of new growth from all the rain…including, unfortunately, weeds! I showed gardeners how to pull weeds properly, pinching as close to the base of the roots as possible, and pulling to dislodge the roots.


Once we got a nice healthy pile, the gardeners helped identify the 2 main root types. We identified them based on the shape of the roots, and students were able to see patterns of what type of plant the different root types.

I was also able to harvest so much more lettuce – romaine, endive, and nasturtium salads, ahoy!

The garden looks fantastic, and our young gardeners were able to really get in and work on some garden maintenance. They found all kinds of bugs down there too – an excellent intro into our future lessons on compost and soil!

Until next time,

Ranger Natalie