Rio Vista – The pulse of the garden

Hello Garden Friends,

Take your index and middle fingers and place them on the right side of your neck, right under your chin on the side of your throat. You feel that? That’s your pulse! That’s how you know you are alive! Right now blood pumps through your veins and into your thinking mind, allowing you to read and keep up with the latest garden gossip.IMG_0004

Wednesday’s lesson started out by having the kids find their pulse. If the pulse is fast, our bodies are excited. If our pulse is slow, our bodies are resting. Then, I told the children that the garden has a pulse too! However because the garden doesn’t have a neck we have to use our other senses. The sun on our back lets us know that its daytime, the bees on apple and rosemary blossoms tell us that its getting close to spring, finally, the bright green leaves growing from the tips of the citrus trees tell us that the tree is happy.

Reading the signs of the garden lets us know what we need to do during the different seasons. After learning how to take the garden’s pulse we went and observed some weeds stealing water from the fruit trees. So, we played the role of plant doctors, removed the plants and sent them to the great compost bin in the sky. Above you see some kids dealing with the root of the problem đŸ˜‰

Until next time,

Farmer Jeff

Jeff Mailes

Jeff Mailes is a garden designer and environmental educator working out of Woodland Hills, CA. A Los Angeles County Master Gardener and UC Davis Alumni, Jeff earned his B.S. in Environmental Resource Science in 2012 and has been growing edibles and natives for the past 6 years.

Jeff’s passion for plants and garden education has led him to school gardens from Los Angeles to Sacramento and all the way up to Portland, Oregon. Now familiar with ecosystems across the West Coast, Jeff has settled back home and works to bring people together over food and inspire the next generation of earth stewards to leave it better than they found it. When not writing about himself in the third person, Jeff enjoys singing with his guitar, going on camping and hiking excursions, and tossing a frisbee around with his friends.