New Students Meet the Garden at Glenfeliz

This week at Glenfeliz, we introduced new groups of students to the garden classroom. We learned the rules that keep us and all the living things in the garden safe. Students also got a chance to meet the garden by observing, sketching, and asking questions about what they found.



We checked in on our pea plants, and they are growing taller and looking great!


Our radishes have begun to sprout! Next we will need to thin the sprouts so that the radish roots can have plenty of space to grow big and round under the soil. The sprouts are edible and delicious, so they will not go to waste once we pull them for thinning.


What a great first day for our new kindergarten and 2nd grade classes! We look forward to more fun and learning in the garden in the coming weeks.


Happy gardening and healthy eating,
-Garden Ranger Ashley