How Often Should You Water Your Plants? MelroseElementary

How often should you water your plant I asked…twice a day, every day, every other day… these were some of the options that got offered up. The real answer is a bit more complicated but for our purposes the answer is; it depends on the plant. A cactus that originated in the desert does not like a lot of water. A tropical would be good with a daily water program!

Today we talked about the lovely echeveria we have around our campus, the climate and weather where they originated from. Now we can get a handle on how to mimic their favored habitat. We incorporate the science, engineering and art core by designing some clever planters, and then we propagate some cuttings to make a living piece of art to take home.


We walk about and select our own  plant clippings and raw materials for planters.

FullSizeRender (20)



IMG_8963 (3)

…so pretty!

~ Garden Jenn