Helping Hands for Lexington Primary

There is much appreciation to the previous group work days we have held at Lexington Primary. The garden is looking healthy and vibrant. The recently planted bell peppers are beginning to fruit as well as the many tomato plants! Countless bees and butterflies were flying about the garden and assuring us of blooming periods to come. Our interns did a stellar job weeding up the pathways between raised beds and ensuring each bed be topped with a rich compost. We pruned the olive tree and cleared a pathway that was overtaken with bermuda grass. Some of the beds needed more to grow, so we planted marigolds, sunflowers, sage, bells of Ireland, and rue. We were able to finish our day gathering bundles of mint and rosemary. It is truly heartwarming to have a vision and be able to accomplish the goal, with helping hands and just a few hours. EnrichLA is proud to make that happen for the schools we visit .