Garden Love – Dominguez High

So, Dominguez high school’s seniors are feeling the senioritis, I hurt my leg and the weather, well, Im not going to blame anything on the weather haha. But, on this gloomy day, we visited the garden to assess what was needed to be done on our next and last visit (sad face)..¬† We took our notes and got ready to watch and discuss a wonderful documentary called Seeds: The Untold Story.

The discussion led to new shifts in paradigms and perspectives on what wealth truly is, how to really change your community and why it’s important to grow your own food.. I truly hope and trust that some of these great conversations over the past year sticks with these young adults throughout their life journey.

Enjoy the garden pics below.

Bees and arugula flowers

Lemon Verbena Beautiful white fragrant flower

 Busy bees in affect

Red Leaf Lettuce Seed to Seed

Beautiful FloretsHanging Out!


Yancy Comins

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