Garden Bingo

IMG_1184My new rotation of students in the garden were lucky to come at the height of winter growth!   I wanted to be sure that my new garden friends were able to check out the flourishing plant life for themselves, so I put together garden bingo for them.   In pairs, they roamed about the garden, crossing off their findings; broccoli, flowering basil, milkweed, an olive tree, lettuce, watermelons, etc.











This activity was PERFECT for today, because it was nearly impossible for me to talk over the crazy amount of wind this morning!  Everybody was happy to share their discoveries with their peers, and all teams found everything on the list!





The prize?    Garden tacos!    We took freshly harvested

Spinach from the garden and rolled it up with some shredded carrots and mozzarella cheese.

When you’re in the garden, everyone’s a winner  🙂



Jessica Brown