Catching up with Wilton Place

Two weeks ago I also began to teach at Wilton Place Elementary. They have an adorable school garden tucked in the back near the play ground, that has some beautiful brassicas growing.

I introduced to myself to my classes as Christina Beet, but they can call me Ms.Beet because much like the veggie I am down to earth and pretty sweet. The students came up with their own garden names and we came up with together on a list of agreements on how we should behave in the garden towards, each other and around our garden buddies living outside.
We discussed 5 things that plants need in order to grow, Soil, Water, Air, Sun and Time. We then went fo tour and identified all of the things growing in the garden to them. Afterwards I had the kids go on a garden scavenger hunt, which I made for them. The students could either draw or write what they found.



We then reviewed everything we learned that day and wrapped out lesson with an apple snack.

I look forward to continue to work at Wilton Place.

-Christina Perez