Buzzy Buzzy Bees

Before our break the little gardeners at Wilton Place Elementary transformed into bees, in our game called buzzy buzzy bee.

Before we played we talked about how are busy bee visits certain parts of the flower so that we can get seeds. That also do something called Cross Pollination, which is when a bee (or any other pollinator) carries pollen from a whole other plant to another, in this case Orange trees to a whole other tree.

In our game some students were bees, and the other student’s where trees, and the bees would run around in the summer, or slowly move in the winter, from tree to tree collecting pollen.


This way the students can act out a bees job but also understand out the seasons also effect our fruit production. It’s a lot of fun and you get to learn something. Always a win!

Christina Perez

Christina began her career in Urban Agriculture Development as an Urban Garden Educator in Portland, ME. She has recently moved to South LA, to take the tools and knowledge she has acquired to aid in dismantling the food apartheid.
“I firmly believe that educating youth is the best way to enact change. If people are aware of their options, they are more apt to make better choices. Which insures a healthy and happy future.”
She also works for RootDownLA managing food distribution systems and a food production garden. She actively works in food justice and feels that it an intersectional bridge towards a better life for all people.