All About Seasons at Glassell Park

Glassell Park Elementary students learned all about seasons and the importance of growing and eating seasonal food. We sang a fun song to help us remember each of the four seasons: “Winter, spring, summer fall, there are seasons four in all. Weather changes: sun and rain and snow. Leaves fall down and flowers grow!”


We harvested some Brussels sprouts from our garden, and the students tasted them raw! Many of these young gardeners even requested more than one tasting because they enjoyed the Brussels sprouts so much.

BS taste

We explored the garden to look for which edible plants were out of season and ready to be pulled from the garden beds, and which plants were happily growing in season. We also pulled some weeds!


Sometimes it can be challenging to see the changing seasons in Southern California, but they are certainly there when we look for them! Learning about the seasons with Glassell Park students was a great opportunity to connect with the beautiful outdoor environment all around us.

mural garden