ALCMC – Harvest Thyme!

Hello Garden Friends!

Last Tuesday the Enrich LA leadership development team got to taste the fruits, or mainly leaves, of their labors. We harvested, beets, lettuce, kale, and the last of the snap peas. We also planted tomato and squash seeds in the areas we removed full lettuce heads. I brought some red wine vinegar and olive oil to teach the kids how to make a tasty alternative to ranch. I use a ratio of two parts oil to one part vinegar. The tasting went over.. okay.. in general everybody loved the lettuce! As for the dressing, one students started gagging and another student wanted a second and third try. I just feel grateful that they were willing to try.

No news yet on getting the water turned on for our living wall. Roger was kind enough to place the order last week but now we play the waiting game with the district. Maybe next week!

Until then,
Jeff Mailes