Academic Learning Community – Sacar yerbas malas

A new year brings new students and new energy into the program. Today, I introduced myself to the students in Spanish and delivered a lesson, with the help of Ms. L, also in Spanish. I was inspired to practice after learning that two of my students in the after school leadership development class spoke only Spanish and most of the class knew the language as well. We talked lightly about where food comes from, how it gets to us in the city, and what energy inputs our food system relies on to work. This lead to a discussion about fossil fuels and the importance of urban agriculture as a way to reduce our reliance on this limited resource. I utilized this infographic I found on the internet to help facilitate the discussion: Soil-to-Sky

After discussion why growing food is important we moved to the third floor to pull weeds. The students worked hard! They even taught me how to say it in Spanish, “Sacar yerbas malas.” After we pulled the weeds we threw them in a big pile and watered the pile to compost it in place. I told the students that it would compost faster if we chopped it up. I will need to follow up with grounds to see if they can get us some tools to help with that. In addition, I will need to follow up with the plant manager to check the watering schedule for planting next week. Check out the before and after photos of the students work today!
photo 2 photo 3 photo 4