Celery time at Micheltorena! Plus hanging with the animals

By Claire Gavin May 8, 2018

Friday April 20th was our last day at the Micheltorena garden for the Spring semester. Although it was sad for everyone to say bye to the animals and plants, we still had a lot of fun! We spent the day doing maintenance, watering and weeding, and hanging out with the bunnies and chickens a lot.…

Ladybugs!!! At Sullivan

By Hope Cox May 8, 2018

Today was ladybug day! I brought some live ladybugs for my preschoolers to observe and we talked about a ladybug’s diet — how they are carnivores and only eat other bugs like aphids — the lifecycle of this beetle — how it’s very similar to a buterfly’s lifecycle — and we also read a great…

Rio Vista – Garden Gifts

By Jeff Mailes May 8, 2018

Hello Garden Friends, Spring is in the air and the garden is full of fruits and flowers…. and weeds, lol. This week we did some maintenance as a class and then proceeded to enjoy some of the gifts that the garden had to offer. Check out the pics! The kids especially liked eating the raw…

Seed Saving @10th St

By Zuri Blandon May 8, 2018

Cool season plants are ending their life cycle, seed saving is a natural and inexpensive method to duplicate last year harvest. Students are learning how to harvest seeds from plants, identify healthy plants that will produce better strains that are well-adapted to local growing conditions. There are three basic parts of a seed in the angiosperms:…

Flower to Seed to Flower

By Jessica Brown May 7, 2018

It was a beautiful day in the garden this morning at Toluca Lake Elementary! Many of the plants are flowering and the garden is fi lled with vibrant colors and buzzing pollinators. The students were also buzzing with excitement to be among the plants in the sunshine. Today’s lesson was about pollination and flower reproduction.…

Valley View Learns Plant Characteristics

By Danny Yaffe May 7, 2018

A lesson on defining characteristics of leaves was followed by a leaf hunt in the garden. Students recieved a new set of eyes in understanding the subtle differences that are used to identify and classify plants. Mint, rolled oats, and honey made an interesting snack. – Ranger Dan

Edible flowers at TSK

By Matt Heidrich May 7, 2018

Today we learned all about edible flowers. Today in the garden we saw artichoke, pineapple sage, fennel, and radish. These flowers are loved by humans and insects alike. We are excited to see our spring plants growing bigger!

Snails and Watering at Frank Del Olmo

By Claire Gavin May 7, 2018

It was another dry week in Los Angeles, so some of my students at Frank Del Olmo hung out with me at recess and did some manually watering. Although we have a wonderful irrigation system at the garden, they get a lot of satisfaction out of watering themselves. Plus, now that it’s becoming even more…

Food Chain in the Garden at Ramona

By Hope Cox May 7, 2018

Whenever I teach the food chain — which most students older than second grade are familiar with — I like to teach it in a way that makes connections with the real world. For example, today we learned not only the basics of a food chain — that consumers eat producers — but also the…

May Happenings

By enrichla May 4, 2018

Summer is almost here, though it certainly feels like it already. There are only a couple months left in the semester, which means only a couple months left with the kiddos. However, there’s still our summer City Farm Camp to look forward to! Students that join City Farm Camp with EnrichLA will have the opportunity…

Join the Team, Become a Garden Ranger

By enrichla May 4, 2018

Garden Rangers are responsible for leading weekly garden-based lessons for students, increasing their knowledge of gardening, complementing classroom curriculum, and maintaining their school gardens by ensuring that the garden is well kept, healthy, and bountiful throughout the year. Being a Garden Ranger is a rewarding and challenging experience! Your main responsibilities are: TEACHING: Engage students with…

Springtime in the Glenfeliz Garden

By Teddy Menard May 3, 2018

Welcome back to the garden! It’s been far too long since I’ve posted, but so much has happened in the garden since last time and there’s a lot to catch up on!   We have officially moved into the warm season as we have longer sunlight hours and hotter temperatures. As such, the anatomy of…

All the Little Helpers

By Hillary Williams May 1, 2018

Today in the garden at Primary Academy we were surrounded by tons of helpful creatures.  The second graders learned a lot about worms by getting up close and personal!  These little invertabraes not only create delicious compost but they also dig tunnels throughout the soil letting air and water reach even the deepest roots.  …

Chop Chop Salad at Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire May 1, 2018

Using a knife is a hard tool to master, especially when your 6 years old!  The kids at Woodlawn got lots of practice today by helping to chop up a yummy salad! To begin we discuss harvesting and what would happen if we harvested a fruit or vegetable that was not ready to pick.  Then…

Woodlawn Kids Start Seeds

By Alex Aleshire May 1, 2018

The kindergarten and 1st grade students at Woodlawn have shown great attention to the garden. They have helped with many garden taskes including leaf clean up, pill bug relocation and composting.  So I knew they could handle the care needed to start seeds and keep them moist and warm. During discussion time, we talked about…

Sowing Oats and Observing Life

By Hillary Williams April 30, 2018

Today at Dayton Heights my two SLD classes brought out the seeds we had germinated in the classroom.   We learned what it takes for a seed to shed its coat and begin the next chapter of its life cycle.   After taking notes the kids went out into the garden and planted their seedlings.…

The Bee Dance at Aspire

By Alex Aleshire April 30, 2018

When kids get a little spooked about bees in the garden, I think it’s important to give them some information on what exactly a bee does. I thought for this lesson I would bring in my bee suit (yep… bee suit!) and show the kids how important it is not to run, yell and wave hands…

Angeles Mesa has a new garden!

By enrichla April 29, 2018

“How Do Flowers Make Seeds?” at 6th Ave

By Eleanor Goodrich April 27, 2018

Last week, we learned that plants use their flowers to make seeds, but now our students are curious, “how does a flower make a seed?” To answer that question we went straight to the flower and started investigating. Every student got a nasturtium flower which they dissected until they could see yellow pollen on their…

Seed Saving at Los Feliz

By Matt Heidrich April 27, 2018

Today we learned about seed saving. This is how we harvest seeds for next years harvest. We saved seeds from favas and arugula. Then we planted corn and squash that we saved from last years garden. We also snacked on mint and lettuce.

Life Cycles at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich April 27, 2018

Everything has to eat. Students at Weemes took time to examine exactly what that statement means as we talked about food chains and students explored the place some of our garden creatures occupy on the food chain. Roly-polies eat our tomatoes and strawberries, but birds eat roly-polies and then insects eat the bird after it…

Fun with Directions at Weemes

By Eleanor Goodrich April 26, 2018

In class today we talked about all the ways instructions can be useful. Students brainstormed lots of different new skills they would like to learn how to do. Everything from skateboarding tricks, growing different plants and doing handstands. We discussed how you can find written instructions to help learn how to do almost anything! Then…

ERHS Salad!

By Matt Heidrich April 26, 2018

Today we harvested lots of delicious veggies, including beets, onions, kale and lettuce. We snacked on some of the food in class. Some of it, the students took home. Others put fresh lettuce on their lunch sandwiches! It was a great chance to learn about integrating garden grown and store bought food.

Plant Uses at 6th Ave

By Eleanor Goodrich April 26, 2018

Students at 6th Ave took time to reflect on all the ways we use plants this week. We discussed how most of our food, housing, clothes and medicine come from plants. The conversation about plants helped us to visualize world systems and our interdependence on plant life and ecosystems.  Then, we explored the garden to…

Battle of the Bugs at Stevenson!

By Andrea Trujillo April 25, 2018

All my students love when they hear that today is all about BUGS! Let’s talk about what bugs are beneficial to the garden and what bugs are pests.  They were sad to learn that their beloved roly polies were not so great for our plants and surprised that those scary bees are SUPER beneficial to…

Never Judge A Peanut by It’s Shell at Hollenbeck

By Eleanor Goodrich April 25, 2018

In our creative writing class this week, we talked about how people often judge each other and other things by outside appearances. To illustrate this, students described the outward appearance of a peanut and contrasted that with the taste of the peanut inside. After we all munched on our peanuts, we discussed how useless it…

Spring Colors at ALC

By Matt Heidrich April 25, 2018

As spring arrives, the colors of the garden are shining. Bright swiss chard, sage flowers, and purple mustard look beautiful. We planted corn, squash, and tomatoes today.

Good Bugs vs. Bad Bugs @ Kester!

By Andrea Trujillo April 25, 2018

It is every kid’s favorite lesson in the garden: BUGS!!  So fun to surprise these kids with what bugs are beneficial to the garden and which bugs are pests.  Although roly-polies are a much-beloved favorite for this age, these invertebrates are not so great for the garden, and even though bees might scare them a…

Seed saving at Berendo

By Matt Heidrich April 24, 2018

Today we harvested and saved seeds. We got seeds from bitter melon, tatsoi cabbage, xmas limas, nasturtiums, and gold potatoes. The potatoes and beans are seeds themselves. We are looking forward to the summer!

Presenting Our Research on Food @ VNMS!

By Andrea Trujillo April 24, 2018

Its a rainy day at Van Nuys Middle School, but perfect timing for the middle schoolers’ presentations of their Food Projects!  Each group had been given a different crop: tomato, corn, peas, and watermelon. So proud of all they learned by researching BOOKS, instead of the internet. 🙂  They definitely taught me a thing or…


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