Spring Salad

By Zuri Blandon April 13, 2018

Today was the last day of garden class, students said ended their class with a fresh tasty spring salad. This cycle was a lot more hands-on, students planted seeds and kept track of them, pulled grass and weeds and watered them.         

Dig for Worms.

By Zuri Blandon April 13, 2018

We are getting ready for Spring and summer at Eastman. Students are helping tilt and mix the soil before planting warm season seeds.  Student dug lots of grub worms.  Grub worms are larval stages of different types of beetles. Grub worms feed off the roots of the plants, too many of them will stop plants…

Compost at Wilshire

By Zuri Blandon April 12, 2018

Students are making compost. Green, brown, air, water, and soil will get your compost started. Students are saving their leftover fruits and vegetables to get the compost pile going. Wilshire Park has ample green spaces. The goal is to make enough compost to share with rest of the plants. After class students help add soil and…

Love Nature

By PJ Johnson April 12, 2018

Valentines Day at Gardener School Love Nature. We showed our love for nature at Gardener School. The students were allowed to pick the most interesting leaf in the garden from any place in the garden and they had  to write something to it like a poem or a love letter. Ms. Thaviphone class created leaf…

Spring Salad at Eastman

By Zuri Blandon April 12, 2018

Because an edible garden is to be eaten.  Spring salads are fun receipts and easy to make. Students like to make salads and discover new ingredients, sprinkle salt and pepper, squeeze a lemon or an orange, toss and mix, and finally taste all these flavors. The parent’s workshop also had their spring salad. They learned…

Harvest at Wilshire

By Zuri Blandon April 11, 2018

Leafy greens, snow peas, fava beans, carrots, herbs, and flowers. These are some of the cool season crops ready to be harvested.   The group of gardeners started their first they of class with a few things to sample.

Gardener School – Composting

By PJ Johnson April 11, 2018

2nd-grade class: We visited the three compost bins in the garden.  Finding Mr. Brown carbon examples and Mr. Green Nitrogen examples to put in the bins.  They gathered brown leaves from the ground and picked three things to identify which it was carbon or nitrogen.  We also looked at a compost thermometer, talking about the…

Too Hot for February..

By Zuri Blandon April 11, 2018

Today’s class was about the weather and planning your garden around it. Plants thrive and grow according to their season, healthy soil, seeds, and water, inconsistency in weather affect the way plants grow. for example, February is a winter month, normally cool season crops are in full bloom enjoying the cool and rainy days. But February…

Art Inspired by the Garden

By Zuri Blandon April 10, 2018

Eastman had an open house. Thank you to the teachers and students who found inspiration in the garden to do their project.     VALENTINES DAY. Students harvested herbs for someone special in their lives.  

Spring Semester at Eastman

By Zuri Blandon April 10, 2018

3rd, 4th, and 5th graders started their first garden class with an icebreaker. speaking in front of people is a nerve-racking experience. With practice, one becomes more comfortable and better speaker. students used their public speaking skills and shared about themselves. Some of them showed their talents, athletic skills, sang, acted and performed comedy skits. Students…

Pollination at Gardener Street Elementary School

By PJ Johnson April 10, 2018

Talk to the class about pollination today.   The kids identified the stamen and pollen on the flowers in the garden.  They also took herbs from the garden lemon balm, mint, lavender, sage.  They also identified the pollen on some herb plants.

Van Ness Deep in the Dirt

By PJ Johnson April 9, 2018

We cleaned up the beds and Ms. Chelsea and Udie pulled weeds together. The students in the VI part of Vaness got their hands deep in the dirt.  Pulling out weeds from the beds especially in areas where we have overgrown vegetation.  We have eaten a lot of Romain lettuce with Hummus because the kids…

Seeds at Eastman

By Zuri Blandon April 9, 2018

Students had a lesson about seeds. In pairs they discussed how seeds travel, the parts, and what they need to sprout. As they continue to observe and record the growth of their seedlings, knowing about seeds will help them understand the needs, challenges, and care the new plant will need.  

Spring Time at 10th

By Zuri Blandon April 8, 2018

This cycle ended on the first day of Spring. To welcome  Spring and end this cycle, students played a game of jeopardy.  two teams competed against each other and tested their knowledge about the garden, compost, soil, friends, and foes and they had to name the crops growing inside the beds. The winning team took…

Calvert – Become a Bee

By Jeff Mailes April 8, 2018

Hello Garden Friends, Today we all transformed into bees to help us understand hows bees work together for the benefit of the hive. First we walked around and looked for some bees doing work in the garden. And then we decided to turn into bees, using straws as our bee tongues and finding flowers represented…

Lets Make Compost!

By Zuri Blandon April 8, 2018

Today students had their lesson about compost. They understood that compost needs water, air, and soil, green and brown materials, bacteria and microorganisms that will help the compost pile break down faster.  Students are recycling uneaten fruits and vegetables from the cafeteria to start a compost pile!  10th St. has plenty of green spaces that can…

Compost Learning at Van Ness School

By PJ Johnson April 8, 2018

New group of kids learning about compost.  We took a poll as to what [a cup of worm castings] worm poop was just by looking, touching and smelling the worm castings.  The students really were interested in what they could put in the Darth Vader like compost bin

Van Ness School making seed bombs with the VI kids

By PJ Johnson April 7, 2018

This was a great exercise for the kids especially Udie.  Chelsea the OT specialist at Vanes and I partner to play with our students at Vaness.  Udie also helped to crush roasted eggshells for the compost.

Rio Vista – We come from the soil, and we return to the soil

By Jeff Mailes April 7, 2018

Hello Garden Friends, Today at Rio Vista I brought some tomato seedlings and several other varieties of seeds to throw in the soil, also we found a grasshopper! After a quick lesson to remind the children the proper form of planting a seedling I mentally prepared the students for my next lesson: “We come from…

New Cycle at 10th

By Zuri Blandon April 7, 2018

Today was the first day for the new group students. The garden experience started with a tasty leafy green salad with mustard leaves, lettuces, arugula, herbs,  edible flowers, olive oil, salt and pepper, parmesan cheese, dates and lemon juice. After the salad receipt and learning the 3 rules of the garden, (2 finger touch, do not…

Seed Bombs teaches about Soil at Gardner

By PJ Johnson April 7, 2018

Teaching the students at Gardener how to make Seed bombs.  This was great to teach reinforce the types of soil clay, sand and loom or silt.  The kids were able to make seed bombs with natural clay and soil from the garden and pollinator seeds that attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  This exercise is one where…

2nd Street Garden Lovers

By PJ Johnson April 6, 2018

2nd Street School Not many students but plenty of Beneficials in the garden. Recess always brings out the true garden lovers. 3rd graders with a heart and love for anything and all garden. They ate radish leaves and then the radish from the garden.

Spring Blossoms and Pollination

By Jessica Brown April 6, 2018

Today’s garden lesson was all about the blossoms- what is a flower, why do they blossom and who the heck cares? A colorful and fragrant flower, aside from a great byproduct of being alive, is a signal a plant gives a pollinator- it is communicating that it is ready to to offer its nectar and…

Seed Anatomy at Wilton

By Zuri Blandon April 6, 2018

Students learned the parts of the seed, and how to find them  when plants have finished their life cycle. They observed sunflowers and bean seeds to identify  the following parts: the seed coat, embryo, and cotyledon. At the end of the lesson, students had their garden activity. The bugambilia bush in the garden drops lots of flowers,…

Worms love our leftovers at Cabrillo

By Hope Cox April 6, 2018

What a fun day! We talked about composting and how it’s the way that earth recycles plants. The old plants and our food leftovers like apple cores and banana peels can be put into the compost bin and the bugs inside will eat it up and decompose it into lovely soil to feed the plants.…

Van Ness Pollinators

By PJ Johnson April 6, 2018

Reviewed reproductive system of a plant. Taught on root systems pulled up long grass and put down cardboard in beds.  Kids planted flowers at end of beds to act like pollinators in the garden.

Gardener Looks Through the Glass

By PJ Johnson April 5, 2018

Gardener school – 15th The kids came over and we reviewed what I taught them this year, composting, root system, pollination, and parts of a plant. Then the kids looked for how much growth had taken place in the garden. They also picked from the garden to take home to eat later.

Calvert – Rosemary and Oregano Recipe

By Jeff Mailes April 5, 2018

Hello Garden Friends, Today at Calvert we took some oregano and rosemary from the garden and studied its super powers. The fragrant oils on the surface of the leaf hold in water and keep the plant moist in hot/dry socal weather. In addition, the little leaves reflect sunlight with small white hairs that cool the…

Plant Reproduction at Van Ness

By PJ Johnson April 5, 2018

We reviewed the reproduction of a plant at the start of the day. Then worked together to put the new compost bin together. The students gathered dead leaves and put in scraps of fruits and vegetable. The class really worked together with gathering the leaves using the wheel barrow we just got.

Four Leaf Clover Hunt

By Claire Gavin April 5, 2018

Before Spring Break, I decided to have a festive St. Patrick’s Day-themed lesson at Micheltorena, because we have a few clover patches that were ripe for weeding. I love our clover patches. They are pleasing to the eye, and so green and soft, even though they’re considered a weed. They’re also a wonderful cover for…


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