Stryrofoam trays at lausd are a waste. Action item.

By EnrichLA Team June 4, 2011

This summer using the farm king effort as an example to point to, we embark on a district wide effort to replace stryofoam trays with reusable trays

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By EnrichLA Team June 2, 2011

Chews Your Cause I was at the pet store and I always scope for eco-friendly dog toys & products. I was looking for a treat dispensing toy and found one made by Dura Doggie™ designs. I was impressed because it is eco-friendly, recyclable, non-toxic, donates to charities, FDA approved, and made in the USA. My…

May in the Garden

By EnrichLA Team June 1, 2011

The month of May has brought us an abundance of vegetables. We harvested kale, garlic, carrots, beans, beets, zucchini, and a variety of lettuces. All of their hard work is now paying off in the form of beautiful nutritious food!

May in the Garden, ph…

Gardens as bridges

By EnrichLA Team May 31, 2011

There are all kinds of positive benefits to installing gardens in our schools. To list some: -reconnect with the sources of our food -rekindle/initiate healthy eating habits -spend time outdoors while growing food -fight child obesity and other related health issues -learn agriculture themes like planting, soil building, composting -learn science, biology, math in an…

BerryPlus Laundry Soap

By EnrichLA Team May 27, 2011

Post by Stacy Rockwood of Eco-Napkins There are more and more varieties of environmentally friendly laundry soaps available on the market.  Have you wondered how ecologically friendly or sustainable they actually are?  There are eco-soaps and then there is BerryPlus soap for those who want to be sure!

 Ever considered washing your clothes with berries?  […]

Tomas O’Grady + “Whats For Lunch Solutions”

By EnrichLA Team May 25, 2011

Tomas O’Grady, an EnrichLA founder, was recently asked by “Whats ForLunch Solutions” to provide an outline of the school garden build process for their website!  They called him the “school garden expert!” “Whats For Lunch Solutions” is a website that features ideas and outlines for bringing health and nutrition back into schools.  It includes ideas and…

office chair mat

By EnrichLA Team May 25, 2011

Plastic chair mats are big, ugly, and bad for the environment. If you need an office chair mat, then please consider getting one made out of sustainable materials such as bamboo. They are more attractive and the earth will thank you, too.

SUCCESS! Roosevelt Senior High School Garden Build

By EnrichLA Team May 24, 2011

On a semi-gloomy Sunday morning, May 22nd, over 160 volunteers gathered at Roosevelt Senior High School in Boyle Heights in hopes of working together for a positive change.  In honor of the “Harvey Milk Day of Service” volunteers from EnrichLA, Roosevelt Senior High School, Gay for Good, The Partnership for LA Schools and We Serve…

Enrich LA teams up with Sustain LA!

By EnrichLA Team May 23, 2011

Enrich LA teamed up with Sustain LA this weekend at the Silver Lake Jubilee. Sustain LA is an amazing local organization that emphasizes environmental responsibility, specifically waste reduction. Thanks to Sustain LA, the Silver Lake Jubilee was a ZERO waste event. All food vendors were required to have compostable trays and utensils. Bins labeled “Compost,”…

Farm King at Silver Lake Jubilee!

By EnrichLA Team May 23, 2011

This weekend, Farm King headed down the street to the Silver Lake Jubilee, a two-day music and arts festival, to raise money to buy reusable trays for Thomas Starr King students. The weekend was definitely a success! Students, teachers, parents and volunteers all helped out, with the shared goal of eliminating styrofoam from our cafeteria.…

Seed Bombs

By EnrichLA Team May 23, 2011

I’ve been seeing these vending machines around town and I wondered what a Seed Bomb was. I looked it up and it is a very cool concept. Today, I stopped by their booth at a festival and picked up a few. I got the Wild Flower Mix Seed Bombs to attract Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Bees. […]

Silverlake Jubilee

By EnrichLA Team May 20, 2011

This weekend I will be volunteering with students from Thomas Starr King Middle School at the Silverlake Jubilee. The students are raising money to buy reusable lunch trays instead of throwing away 1,400 Styrofoam trays every day. Learn more about their project at: http://farmkingblog.wordpress.com/ Silverlake Jubilee eco-commitment: The Silver Lake Jubilee is a single-use bottled […]

Micheltorena Update

By EnrichLA Team May 20, 2011

Over the past few weeks, a lot has been accomplished at the garden. Mr. Wurmfeld and I have given lessons on the anatomy of seeds to many classes, including Ms. Markarian’s kindergartners and Ms. Lewis’ 3rd and 4th graders. We’ve shown the students how to plant seeds, and explained to them how the embryo inside…

Are Gas Blowers Illegal In Your Neighborhood?

By EnrichLA Team May 19, 2011

Gas blower laws differ by city — find out if its use is banned in your neighborhood and what you can do if you spot a violation!   City of Berkeley The use of any portable machine powered with a gasoline engine used to blow leaves, dirt, and other debris off sidewalks, driveways, lawns or…

New Farm King logo…

By EnrichLA Team May 19, 2011

Personal Care

By EnrichLA Team May 19, 2011

Personal care products are disposable, fill up the landfills, and are harmful to the environment. Here are a few products to reduce your impact on the environment. Preserve products such as their toothbrushes and razors are made from recycled yogurt cups, are BPA free, doesn’t test on animals and are recyclable after use. Eco•Dent floss […]

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

By EnrichLA Team May 18, 2011

http://www.apc.com/recycle/index.cfm?isocountrycode=us I use a battery backup UPS on my home computer equipment for protection from damaging surges and spikes. It allows me to save my files and safely shutdown my computer during a power outage. I had one for several years and then last year it died. I wondered what I was going to do […]

It’s flip flop time

By EnrichLA Team May 17, 2011

It’s time to break out the flip flops! These flip flop colorful handmade doormats keep foam-rubber wastes from sandal manufacturing out of landfills by transforming them into tough but lightweight doormats that excel at removing soils. Used indoors or out, they’re easy to clean and have a cushiony feel that makes them great fatigue mats, […]

Bike Week LA

By EnrichLA Team May 16, 2011

http://www.metro.net/around/bikes/bike-to-work/ Celebrate Bike Week LA 2011 from May 16 – 20.  For the 17th straight year, Metro will be partnering with community organizations to celebrate all things bike. Several events are planned throughout the region, including Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 19. Bike Week LA Events Monday, May 16 – Kick-off event at North […]

Eco-friendly Candles

By EnrichLA Team May 13, 2011

Choosing eco-friendly candles are a healthier choice than using regular paraffin candles. Parafin candles can harm the indoor air quality because they contain eleven toxins that are thrown into the air while burning. If you notice the black soot on the rim of the candle holder, it’s the same black soot particles that are in […]

New garden shed at FARM KING

By EnrichLA Team May 13, 2011

Building the base  

Franklin Avenue students change their plastic use

By EnrichLA Team May 13, 2011

4th grade class of Mr. Hernandez with new stainless steel water bottles from the GGPNC  

This will be an edible garden very soon ROOSEVELT HIGH

By EnrichLA Team May 13, 2011

Roosevelt High School


By EnrichLA Team May 13, 2011

Yes we are only about 6 weeks old…but we don’t mess around!  We have managed to continue work on our completed gardens at Micheltorena Elementary School and Thomas Starr King Middle School, as well as getting started on 9 other gardens!  We have plans in the works for these gardens, are meeting with principals, and…

Something’s cooking at Farm King!

By EnrichLA Team May 12, 2011

We are well on our way in building our kitchen and patio at Farm King! Volunteers and students worked hard this past Tuesday to set the foundation for our future outdoor kitchen/storage. The day was full of shovels and concrete and bricks, (oh my!) We’re very excited for this outdoor kitchen and can’t wait to…

Big Sunday Weekend

By EnrichLA Team May 12, 2011

Big Sunday Weekend is a huge volunteer opportunity on May 14th & 15th. Please check out their site for more info and find projects in your area. http://www.bigsunday.org/

Ditto Hangers

By EnrichLA Team May 11, 2011

Ditto hangers are a simple solution to ordinary hangers. They are non-toxic, made from recycled paper, and are 100% recyclable & compostable. They seem to be a very sturdy cardboard like material, but feel very strong like particleboard. They would be fun in a store with a customized logo on them. They take up a […]

Enrich LA

By EnrichLA Team May 10, 2011

http://enrichla.org/ I have volunteered with ENRICHLA through their involvement with Farm King at Thomas Starr King Middle School. ENRICHLA is a great organization and they are making a difference in our community. ENRICHLA is a Nonprofit organization who’s mission is to provide environmental and educational enrichment to the diverse communities of Los Angeles through programs, […]

Vanishing of the Bees

By EnrichLA Team May 9, 2011

I saw Vanishing of the Bees over the weekend and it was extremely eye opening for me. This is a very important film for people who like living on this planet and for those who like to eat food. I’ve heard of the problems with the bee colonies before and I’ve seen an animated film […]


By EnrichLA Team May 6, 2011


In a world that is becoming ever more competitive, can we really afford to have our youngsters gardening?

A student plants a seed and then sees a ting seedling within days? That is an easy lesson in science. Contrast fresh heirloom tomatoes with a pinch of salt to fast food? Welcome to nutrition 101. We can’t afford to raise a generation that does not get whole foods and we hardly need more folks who do not feel connected and thus a responsibility to the earth. 

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We are adding new sites monthly. We build fast and efficiently.

Our team with the help of volunteers is so efficient that we build start to finish in one day. Redwood boxes, controlled drip irrigation, picnic tables and super fertile soil. Our gardens work!  

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Building a school garden without a sustainability and teaching plan is a waste. Our rangers take care.

 Our garden rangers are on site weekly caring for the edible garden and delivering our straightforward and cheerful curriculum. We amend the soil, fix the irrigation and engage the community.

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Straightforward and cheerful. Its easy to learn by doing

Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides youth opportunities to explore in an outdoor setting.  We teach K-12 students everything from cooking skills to environmental stewardship and history to social justice.  It is rooted in the principals of both place-based and experiential learning models.

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Down to earth, no nonsense and hard working. We are irreverent and we are ambitious.

We are like no other non-profit. Nobody makes more than a school district custodian. Everybody gets their hands dirty. We are efficient. We are as frugal as a farmer. We have six company vehicles. 4 trailers. A car to haul them and a small tractor. We are different.      

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We need your help. Invest in Los Angeles Schoolchildren

There are many ways you can make a difference. We get that. We ask you to invest in what we are trying to do! Help kids eat healthy. Help kids appreciate and respect our planet. Help us partner with public schools.

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