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By team July 3, 2011

LA Bans Plastic Bags today, July 1st! “Less paper, no plastic.” Think of it as the new mantra for Los Angeles County’s checkout lines. Starting July 1, stores in the county’s unincorporated area will help curb a longstanding environmental problem by charging a dime each for paper bags and halting the distribution of single-use plastic…

EnrichLA nominated for “Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports” award

By team July 2, 2011

We are very happy for this nomination in recognition of our mission of bringing edible gardens to schools, mostly because  it will mean additional attention on the issues gardens address, plus the cash award will go a long way towards providing more gardens to communities in need. Want to help us get there? Please follow…

Garden Build July 9th- DONT MISS OUT

By team July 1, 2011

We are keeping up the momentum after two successful garden builds, at Roosevelt Senior High School in Boyle Heights and Trinity Elementary School in Southeast Los Angeles. Our volunteers are invaluable when it comes to these events.  The man power, enthusiasm, and dedication of these volunteers help us to turn rock hard dirt into a…

The garden salad that took a year to make

By team June 30, 2011

It started with a dream, perseverance, attracting like minded folk, designing, raising funds, making a reality the replacing of asphalt by a garden, building, planting, watering, weeding, mulching, composting, loving, meeting more new friends, making music, enjoying the hard work, learning, discovering… and tonight the community got together and created the first salad with veggies…

A mural grows at Micheltorena Elementary

By team June 28, 2011

Inspired by the success of the garden, parents have been getting together for the last couple of weeks to continue the school beautification. Designed by comics artist -and parent- Jordan Crane, the mural in progress at the kindergarten yard is looking awesome! Stay tuned for the final result…

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By team June 26, 2011

Zero-Waste Moving When I move, I usually re-use cardboard boxes from other people and then give my boxes to someone else to use. The cycle can only go a few rounds before the boxes are worn and unusable. I always hope the last person will recycle them, but you never know. I’ve heard about these…

Enrich LA + Gilt City Volunteer Day

By team June 26, 2011

The Enrich LA / Gilt City volunteer day on Sat 6/25 was a big success. Gilt raised $2000 for Micheltorena and the food by Chego was excellent. Lisa Novick from Theodore Payne Foundation  was at hand to teach the volunteers the benefits of native plant gardens (minimal water needs and food for native birds and insects)…

Organic Picnics For New Eco Magnet To Be Supplied by Whole Foods!

By team June 25, 2011

Whole Foods has made a name for itself by offering the highest quality, natural and organic products to its customers.  Their core values support healthy eating, community giving, and sustainability.  That is why it is so great to announce that Whole Foods has partnered with the new Environmental Magnet on the Thomas Starr King Middle…

Enrich-LA has been awarded $5,000 by The South Central Neighborhood Council to build an edible garden at John Adams Middle School.

By team June 24, 2011

www.enrichla.org 6/24/2011- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:  Tomas O’Grady Tel:  (323) 387-3866 Email:  tomasogradyenrichla@gmail.com   Enrich-LA has been awarded $5,000 by The South Central Neighborhood Council to build an edible garden at John Adams Middle School.   ENRICHLA, a Los Angeles based Non-profit organization, based in Los Feliz, led by Tomas O’Grady (recent candidate for city…

South Central Neighborhood Council awards $5000 for new garden at John Adams Middle School

By team June 22, 2011

Thank you SCNC, your contribution will make the upcoming garden a reality sooner! Great news for John Adams MS. Great news for South Central. Check out existing plot, the upcoming design, and stay tuned for volunteer build day!    

Plastic Bag Infographic

By team June 21, 2011

Below is a stunning infographic, courtesy of Reuse This Bag, which spotlights worldwide trends on plastic bag bans and usage. The first ban on single-use plastic bags began in Ireland in 2003. Since then, countries like China, Australia, and Somalia have followed suit. Until the United States puts a ban on these urban tumbleweeds, make…

“Garden, Grub and Give Back”

By team June 20, 2011

This Saturday, June 25th, Micheltorena garden will be participating in a “Gilt City” event.  Attendees will be experiencing a day of giving back to the community, great music, and good eats provided by the Pop-up Chego test-kitchen. Chego is the latest endeavor from chef Roy Choi, the brilliant man who brought you Kogi BBQ and…

Garbage to Garden…It’s Compost Time!

By team June 20, 2011

Bryana, Suzanna, Sook, Katherine, and Sky teach you how to recycle leftover food to make nutrient-rich soil.

Another succesful garden build!

By team June 20, 2011

Rounding things out for a trinity of blog posts on the garden build at Trinity Elementary this past weekend! Three posts about the garden build may seem excessive, but I cannot stress how incredible it was to witness and be a part of such an amazing collective effort. Volunteers were greeted in the morning by…

Working Together Anything Is Possible = Trinity Garden in South LA

By team June 19, 2011

It is amazing what can be accomplished when all the people involved believe in a project and give it their all! All elements came beautifully together this Saturday at Trinity Elementary , where at the end of 6 hours of hard work,  a garden for the school was born. We filled the space, once asphalt, with…

Plastic is Not Fantastic

By team June 19, 2011

Colby, Justin, Steven, Marisol propose alternatives to plastic and other eco-friendly tips.    

Volunteer at Farm King

By team June 19, 2011

Raymond, Desiree, Manolo, and Stepan inspire you to volunteer by giving a tour of Farm King.

Littering Harms Sea Animals

By team June 19, 2011

Erin, Jocelyn, and Sarah illustrate how littering affects marine life, and what we can do to help. 

Just completed. New garden at trinity elementary

By team June 19, 2011

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By team June 19, 2011

eco-friendly skillets Non-Stick surfaces release toxic fumes that can harm small animals and kill birds, such as canaries very quickly. Who wants to put that into their bodies? Not me. Instead use stainless steel, cast iron, or eco-coated pots and pans. I was lucky to inherit my grandparents’ stainless steel copper bottom cookware and it…

Green fair at king middle

By team June 17, 2011

Mrs Ralph’s class preparing for green fair at king

Fresh, seasonal, organic veggies make a great salad @ Micheltorena garden

By team June 17, 2011

The time came and the Micheltorena garden is ready for  the kids to harvest veggies, make a salad and learn all about eating fresh seasonal unprocessed foods. The picking was fun, the prepping as well, and all were very open to considering having fresh foods over processed, understood the reasons why and asked lots of…

Bye-bye Bottled Water!

By team June 16, 2011

Marketers of bottled water have certainly done their jobs well. Bottled water claims to be fresher, cleaner, healthier, heck, even smarter. And consumers eat (or drink, rather) it all up. When the truth is, bottled water is just as safe and healthy as tap water. In general, municipal water in developed countries is well-regulated. In…

Reuse Materials to Reduce Waste

By team June 16, 2011

Ervin, Victoria, Estefania, Larry, and Javier encourage you to REUSE materials to REDUCE waste. 

More Bees and a Well-Deserved Meal

By team June 16, 2011

      Today at Micheltorena, Leonardo continued the bee demonstration with the observation hive so that every class had a chance to learn about the nature of bees and the art of beekeeping. Leonardo talked about the structure of honeycomb (hexagonal cells), about the different types of bees that make up a colony (worker,…


By team June 15, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6/15/2111 Enrich LA ( aka farm feliz) + Whole Foods are proud to announce a sponsorship partnership with Thomas Starr King Environmental Studies Magnet to provide for the 2011-2012, organic food for quarterly picnics for the students. “This is a green magnet. Four times a year, we will have a big picnic…

Say No to Styrofoam

By team June 15, 2011

Mariska, Hannah, John, and Miguel take action to reduce styrofoam at their school. 

Litter From Garbage Trucks

By team June 15, 2011

Carl, David, Martin, and Jason define litter and offer suggestions on how garbage trucks can reduce litter.

Large Marge Sustainables will serve Lunch to the Trinity Volunteers

By team June 14, 2011

We are very excited because Large Marge Sustainables will be serving lunch to the volunteers at the Trinity School Garden Build this Saturday 6/18. Great food for great works! http://www.largemargesustainables.com To sign up for this event http://enrichla.org/volunteer/  

Scrubbing king for magnet introductions

By team June 14, 2011

Hard at work putting on our best face at king middle


In a world that is becoming ever more competitive, can we really afford to have our youngsters gardening?

A student plants a seed and then sees a ting seedling within days? That is an easy lesson in science. Contrast fresh heirloom tomatoes with a pinch of salt to fast food? Welcome to nutrition 101. We can’t afford to raise a generation that does not get whole foods and we hardly need more folks who do not feel connected and thus a responsibility to the earth. 

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We are adding new sites monthly. We build fast and efficiently.

Our team with the help of volunteers is so efficient that we build start to finish in one day. Redwood boxes, controlled drip irrigation, picnic tables and super fertile soil. Our gardens work!  

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Building a school garden without a sustainability and teaching plan is a waste. Our rangers take care.

 Our garden rangers are on site weekly caring for the edible garden and delivering our straightforward and cheerful curriculum. We amend the soil, fix the irrigation and engage the community.

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Straightforward and cheerful. Its easy to learn by doing

Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides youth opportunities to explore in an outdoor setting.  We teach K-12 students everything from cooking skills to environmental stewardship and history to social justice.  It is rooted in the principals of both place-based and experiential learning models.

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Down to earth, no nonsense and hard working. We are irreverent and we are ambitious.

We are like no other non-profit. Nobody makes more than a school district custodian. Everybody gets their hands dirty. We are efficient. We are as frugal as a farmer. We have six company vehicles. 4 trailers. A car to haul them and a small tractor. We are different.      

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We need your help. Invest in Los Angeles Schoolchildren

There are many ways you can make a difference. We get that. We ask you to invest in what we are trying to do! Help kids eat healthy. Help kids appreciate and respect our planet. Help us partner with public schools.

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