New Partnership with Sylmar High School Holticulture Department + Volunteer opportunities galore!

By EnrichLA Team October 20, 2011

As we embark on one of our most action packed weekends, we are reminded one more time that IT TAKES A VILLAGE! Today we got a truckload (30 flats) of healthy and vibrant winter vegetables seedlings donated by Steve List,  a Sylmar landscaper (818.364.1304) who heads the Horticulture Department at Sylmar High School, and is…

GOOD SEARCH: Raising Money by Doing Nothing!

By EnrichLA Team October 19, 2011

Ok, well its not exactly doing nothing, but it requires very minimal effort on your part, and NO MONEY! Good Search is a search engine that EnrichLA is registered with.  Basically, when you search through Good Search, EnrichLA gets funds!  No matter what you search for, information about a book, news articles, celebrity gossip, clothing…

Garden Sweet Garden

By EnrichLA Team October 18, 2011

As if the sweet spot on campus weren’t enough, Farm King is improving its visibility and presence on campus! For the past two weeks, students have been working on a sign that now reads “Garden Sweet Garden: What’s Growin’?” which will be mounted on the campus-facing side of the shed to let passers-by know what’s…

Coming Soon….

By EnrichLA Team October 18, 2011

A GARDEN AT POINT FERMIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! EnrichLA is thrilled to partner with the parents and teachers of Point Fermin Elementary.  We cannot wait to get to work on the garden at their campus, and will of course be looking for eager and excited volunteers to help us transform this campus!  Stay tuned for news…

California’s Solar Solutions

By EnrichLA Team October 17, 2011

Once again, California proves to be a green leader. Advocacy group, Environment California, reports that the state’s 3,550 solar establishments employ more than 25,000 people in the solar industry. That’s a quarter of the nation’s 100,237 solar-related jobs according to the National Solar Jobs Census 2011. This accomplishment sets California right along Gov. Jerry Brown’s…

Synergy/Quincy Jones Elementary…coming soon!

By EnrichLA Team October 17, 2011

Synergy and Quincy Jones Elementary Schools both share the same campus, and will work with EnrichLA to install an edible garden, in partnership with Growing Great. We are very excited to get to work! Synergy/Quincy Jones Elementary Schools are located at: 900 E. 33rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90011 (323) 235-7960

John Adams Garden Build Photos

By EnrichLA Team October 16, 2011

Thank you to Kaia Lai for sharing these beautiful photos with us!  We had such a great time at the John Adams Garden Build.  To volunteer for our next event, please visit our volunteer page.

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By EnrichLA Team October 16, 2011

Be Green this Halloween Photo by: http://notjustcute.com/2009/10/30/pumpkin-drum/pile-of-pumpkins-seppics/ I love Halloween and everyone who knows me looks forward to my costumes. I usually make my own costumes with whatever I have laying around the house combined with thrift store finds. Some items are inevitable to purchase from a Halloween store, but what are some ways you…

The edible garden at West Vernon has now become a park.

By EnrichLA Team October 15, 2011

Tomas O’Grady.  The folks at West Vernon elementary school were so pleased with the new edible garden that they agreed to expand the garden so that it is now an honest to goodness park. On Saturday, October 15, a group of volunteers which included teachers and parents from the school and folks from Enrich-LA began…

VOLUNTEER DAY: Atwater Ave. Elementary School

By EnrichLA Team October 15, 2011

EnrichLA, in partnership with Friends of Atwater Elementary and Principal Charles Smith will finish a garden located on this campus. JOIN US ON OCTOBER 23rd to build this garden! Atwater Elementary School is located at: 3271 Silver Lake Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039  

New Garden Coming! Markham Middle School

By EnrichLA Team October 14, 2011

EnrichLA in partnership with a group of teachers at Markham Middle School and in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Markham Middle School will rehabilitate the garden there. Markham Middle School is located at: 1650 East 104th Street Los Angeles, CA 90002 (323) 568-550

We started class at A.L.C Highschool

By EnrichLA Team October 14, 2011

Sarah Cole and Tomas O’Grady started a gardening and cooking class for special needs kids at the Academic Leadership community high-school downtown. It was an honor. We will do it every Tuesday. We planted this week. Next week, we are going to bring some food and cook.    

A HUGE Thank You To….

By EnrichLA Team October 13, 2011

Thank you to EVERYONE that helped make the garden build at John Adams Middle School possible last Saturday.  We could not have done it without your support, encouragement and kindness. Thank you to LAUSD  Facilities Services Division – and Sustainability Initiatives Principal Evelyn Wesley and CPM LaMonte Douglass Tree People’s Michelle Bagnato Large Makrge Sustainable for…

New Season (?), New Crops

By EnrichLA Team October 12, 2011

  Getting down to business now. Students at King are preparing the garden for  the supposed upcoming California cold season. Though given current clear  skies and warm weather, who knows when the change will come. Warm weather crops can now be harvested–though the yanking may be tough–leaving the bare soil in need of some tilling. That’s where…

Garden Club Enhances Education!

By EnrichLA Team October 11, 2011

We are two weeks into our garden club and the students are thrilled to see their seeds grow! As the students learn the basic principles of gardening each meeting, they are also given the opportunity to bring what they learned from the garden back into the classroom. The club currently consists of around fifteen 5th…

Building a new garden at John Adams Middle School

By EnrichLA Team October 11, 2011

Our recipe for success : EnrichLA +  the support of the School Principal and CPM +LAUSD’s Facilities Services Division  and Sustainability Initiatives + Tree People + a beautiful Saturday in fall + over 100 volunteers + food and coffee by Large Marge Sustainables and Starbucks  =  a new garden is born! WATCH THE VIDEO On Youtube…

Roosevelt garden

By EnrichLA Team October 11, 2011

TOMAS O’GRADY We are currently planning our most far reaching project to date. An edible garden on a hill side and on a shoestring. A piece of cake. Join us on NOV 5th.http://enrichla.org/volunteer/  

Experimenting with the costs and benefits of eco-living

By EnrichLA Team October 11, 2011

This a well-written, and sometimes humorous, article that details the sustainability efforts of an eco-minded mother. Some costly, and some beneficial, the author discusses everything from solar panels to the Australian waterwall–an expensive take on rain barrels. She distinguishes the methods that worked on an economic and environmental level and considers gray water plumbing to…

John Adams Garden Build- Another Successful Event!

By EnrichLA Team October 10, 2011

A big thank you to everyone that helped us build this beautiful new garden at John Adams Middle School on Saturday, October 8th! Even though we were sweating, digging, shoveling, and working hard, everyone had a great time bonding over such a meaningful experience.  Volunteers gathered at 9:00am and were greeted with water, coffee and…

Full Circle

By EnrichLA Team October 9, 2011

Students engage in the circle of life! Here students are seen planting cool season veggies –from kale, to chard, to radish–transferring the potted seeds to the nursery, and transplanting the sprouting seedling into the earth. The final step, as done with goat cheese dip and the couscous, is literally eating the fruits (veggies) of their…

The Golden State’s Golden Rule–Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

By EnrichLA Team October 9, 2011

California has long led the nation toward a healthier environment, and Governor Jerry Brown adds to and continues our eco-legacy by signing legislation that will “establish the most ambitious recycling goal” in the history of the Golden State and in the nation. Composed of Assembly Bills 341 & 1149, the new legislation requires robust recycling…

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By EnrichLA Team October 9, 2011

Tour de Fat – Los Angeles – Sat 10/8 The Tour de Fat will be in 13 U.S. cities spreading the good word about the positive societal offerings of the bicycle. Along with our exceptional ability to roust a city’s inner-cyclist, in 2011 they hope to drive their message even deeper by bringing you the…

Changes at John Adams!

By EnrichLA Team October 8, 2011

New sprinkler drip system at the garden! Kids are getting ready to paint the garden signs with flower, fruit and vegetable names. The ground has been leveled and we will soon be able to put our raised garden beds in! Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this project! We are making changes!

Here at the build!

By EnrichLA Team October 8, 2011

We are here at the john adams middle school garden build!  Volunteers of all ages and all walks of life are here already, working hard to get this garden done by 2!! Come on over and help us make a change at john adams!


By EnrichLA Team October 7, 2011

  We are ready for the big day. Tomas O’Grady with help from students at JOHN ADAMS middle school.Ryan O’ Grady helping.  

Students at king middle school are working on a new design of a garbage sorting system

By EnrichLA Team October 7, 2011

Over the last few days, students of the environmental studies magnet at king middle school have been working on a new garbage sorting system for king. The idea is to divide garbage into blue green and black.

West Vernon elementary school garden

By EnrichLA Team October 7, 2011

We’re having a second volunteer day to add a patio and outdoor kitchen. VOLUNTEER HERE. This garden is one of my favorites. It has beautiful exposure.

Plastic or Paper? Neither in L.A

By EnrichLA Team October 6, 2011

The plastic bag was invented by a Swedish company in the sixties and integrated into  American society by Exxon Mobil. According to “The Plastic Bag Wars,”  Americans use approximately 102 billion plastic bags each year. While  cities like San Francisco and Santa Monica have managed to curb the use of  plastic by completely banning them…

An archaeologist takes advantage of the open site at John Adams Middle School

By EnrichLA Team October 4, 2011

We have already removed concrete and John Adams middle school and we plan to put a garden there this saturday. A local archaeologist, decided to take advantage of this. He recruited a couple of students and they have been digging down a few feet to see what they can find.

A new garden is born at the Miguel Contreras learning complex

By EnrichLA Team October 2, 2011

Tomas O’Grady. A new garden is born. On Saturday morning, in the space of about 5 hours, we built a new edible garden at the academic leadership community high School located at the Miguel Contreras learning complex. About 20 high school kids, a few teachers and the principal, And a few enrich La uber volunteers…


In a world that is becoming ever more competitive, can we really afford to have our youngsters gardening?

A student plants a seed and then sees a ting seedling within days? That is an easy lesson in science. Contrast fresh heirloom tomatoes with a pinch of salt to fast food? Welcome to nutrition 101. We can’t afford to raise a generation that does not get whole foods and we hardly need more folks who do not feel connected and thus a responsibility to the earth. 

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We are adding new sites monthly. We build fast and efficiently.

Our team with the help of volunteers is so efficient that we build start to finish in one day. Redwood boxes, controlled drip irrigation, picnic tables and super fertile soil. Our gardens work!  

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Building a school garden without a sustainability and teaching plan is a waste. Our rangers take care.

 Our garden rangers are on site weekly caring for the edible garden and delivering our straightforward and cheerful curriculum. We amend the soil, fix the irrigation and engage the community.

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Straightforward and cheerful. Its easy to learn by doing

Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides youth opportunities to explore in an outdoor setting.  We teach K-12 students everything from cooking skills to environmental stewardship and history to social justice.  It is rooted in the principals of both place-based and experiential learning models.

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Down to earth, no nonsense and hard working. We are irreverent and we are ambitious.

We are like no other non-profit. Nobody makes more than a school district custodian. Everybody gets their hands dirty. We are efficient. We are as frugal as a farmer. We have six company vehicles. 4 trailers. A car to haul them and a small tractor. We are different.      

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We need your help. Invest in Los Angeles Schoolchildren

There are many ways you can make a difference. We get that. We ask you to invest in what we are trying to do! Help kids eat healthy. Help kids appreciate and respect our planet. Help us partner with public schools.

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