5 DAYS LEFT: Whole Foods Concierge Service, 4hr Studio Time, Heath Ceramics and MORE!

By EnrichLA Team January 9, 2012

We are coming to the end of our Kickstarter campaign for school gardens– with 5 days left we need a major push from all of our supporters to help spread the word and reach our goal.  Unless we reach our $11,000 goal (which would provide garden programs for FOUR Los Angeles Middle Schools), we get…

Composting 101

By EnrichLA Team January 9, 2012

What Is Compost? Compost is decomposed organic matter that is used as a soil amendment and fertilizer in gardens and farms. Compost can also replace the need for chemical fertilizers. Compost can be made of variety of materials, including yard and  food waste. Why Should People Compost? Composting is easy, cheap and can help contribute…

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By EnrichLA Team January 8, 2012

Project peaceBOMB: Buying Back the Bombs Project peaceBOMB combines human ingenuity and aluminum non-war and war scrap metal to create bracelets that tell a story about their makers and the legacies of our shared history: the Secret War, 1964-1973, during the Vietnam conflict which left Laos the most heavily bombed country per capita in history.…

Woodlawn Elementary Project Announced!

By EnrichLA Team January 8, 2012

New garden plans for Woodlawn Elementary in the city of Bell have just been announced. Tomas O’Grady recently met with folks from Woodlawn and they are planning a new reading and edible garden in the not too distant future.

Luther Burbank Work Day!

By EnrichLA Team January 7, 2012

On February 11, Enrich LA will improve upon the exciting new garden as built by LAUSD at Luther Burbank Middle in Highland Park.  We will gather at 9 am to build a new storage shed, outdoor kitchen,and compost system, please consider signing up to volunteer.  Breakfast and lunch provided.

Young Sprouts at Markham Middle

By EnrichLA Team January 6, 2012

The vegetables at Markham middle school are beginning to sprout and continue to thrive. The garden is coming along beautifully, thanks to the help of all the children and volunteers who have put in their time and effort to make the garden a truly wonderful place to be.

Gratts Learning Academy Work Day 1/16

By EnrichLA Team January 5, 2012

On Martin Luther King Day, January 16, we will meet at Gratts Learning Academy for a garden work day at 9 am. We will be focusing on a garden expansion and renovation at Gratts. There is an existing garden on site, which we are going rehabilitate. We would love to see you there, please consider volunteering! Lunch will…

Farm King THRIVING Over Holiday Break!

By EnrichLA Team January 4, 2012

Brian Miller stopped by our garden at Thomas Starr King Middle School over the holiday break to check out the garden, and things are looking fantastic! 2012 is going to be a great year, full of fun, learning, friendships, and of course….nutritious and delicious fruits and veggies harvested right from our gardens! HAPPY NEW YEAR…

Work continues at John Adams Middle School

By EnrichLA Team January 4, 2012

Even though the children of Los Angeles are on winter break, there is still much work to be done in their school gardens. Yesterday,  Ben, Josh, Adrienne (a new volunteer working with us for the month of January), and myself came together at John Adams Middle School to build two beautiful fourteen-foot picnic benches for…

Why School Edible Gardens matter?

By EnrichLA Team January 3, 2012

School Edible Gardens cultivate a respect for hard work and a healthy respect for real food, plus there is nothing taught in schools that cannot be learned in a garden= Math and science to be sure, but also history, civics, logic, art, literature, music, and the birds and the bees both literally and figuratively. Beyond…

Atwater Ave Elementary Garden

By EnrichLA Team December 29, 2011

We just did some tweaking of the drip system at Atwater. Thank you to Charles Smith, the Principal for your help (during your vacation).  Everything is growing nicely.

EnrichLA Kickstarter

By EnrichLA Team December 28, 2011

Thank you to EVERYONE that has so far donated to our EnrichLA Kickstarter project! Some of the TASCHEN books, dinner at Tomas O’Grady’s home, and the LACMA membership are already sold out….but there are still plenty of rewards to donate for! You can get your OWN garden, installed by members of the EnrichLA team.  A…


By EnrichLA Team December 26, 2011

Learning to cook Ayurvedically at The Miguel Contreras High School

By EnrichLA Team December 26, 2011

Carry Kim is a yoga therapist, registered Yin Yoga teacher and lineageholder of Yoga of Joy (Tibetan and Primordial Yoga). She is a certified Shiatsu therapist, passionate advocate of Ayurveda and therapeutic nutrition educator who integrates the principles of Ayurveda, Macrobiotics and Raw Foods. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old system of holistic healing from India. It…

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By EnrichLA Team December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays from Eco Enthusiast! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Here is my gift to you: A downloadable Recycle Symbol Snowflake e-card designed by yours truly. Feel free to send it to your family and friends. Enjoy! (right click or control click on the image to save file) Introducing a new…


By EnrichLA Team December 22, 2011


Asphalt out @ Main St. Elementary

By EnrichLA Team December 20, 2011

Making room for the upcoming school urban forest with shade trees and native plants, sitting areas, reading garden and a fountain.

Asphalt comes out at San Pedro Elementary

By EnrichLA Team December 20, 2011

Making room for a new edible garden, new trees, vines and ground cover adding about 4,000 sq.ft. of permeable surface to the urban school, Phase 1 of campus greening,  a partnership of LAUSD’s Facilities and Office of Sustainability, School Principal and Community members, the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council, Tree People and EnrichLA. Please check our…

Roybal High School Garden

By EnrichLA Team December 18, 2011

Two weekends ago we built let another beautiful garden at Roybal High School near Downtown Los Angeles. This new garden is home to a picnic bench and table and a trellis for the students to enjoy.  With the skyline of Downtown in the background, this garden certainly adds something special to this campus. Thank you…

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By EnrichLA Team December 18, 2011

LA City Council to Vote to Ban the Bag Friday 12/16! Update 12/16/11: LA City Council did not ban single use bags today. “Environmentalists and employers clashed at a City Council hearing Wednesday over a proposal to ban both paper and plastic single-use bags. Environmental groups have hailed the plan to outlaw disposable bags, which…

The new garden at Roybal High School

By EnrichLA Team December 13, 2011


Kickstarter Campaign- AWESOME rewards for helping us keep gardens in schools!

By EnrichLA Team December 12, 2011

EnrichLA has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us raise money and keep “Home & Garden Economics” in our schools! With the outdoor kitchens we build at the schools, students use fruits and veggies from the gardens to cook and develop thoughtful eating habits.  We raise environmental awareness, incorporate hands on learning with sciences and…


By EnrichLA Team December 12, 2011

ALTA LOMA ELEMENTARY NEW EDIBLE GARDEN to be built 750 students of Alta Loma Elementary School will directly benefit from the Alta Loma Farm. The commitment of the school and community to help build the garden in March is nearly as overwhelming as the dedication to nurture it to fruition for future Alta Loma students.…

A Garden at Roybal Learning Center

By EnrichLA Team December 11, 2011

Yesterday, Saturday December 10th, volunteers gathered at Roybal Learning Center near Downtown Los Angeles to build a garden!  We had a great day, working hard and enjoying good company (and delicious food!). Volunteers built a trellis for our grape plants, painted garden signs, and helped weed and amend soil throughout the garden plot.  What was…

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By EnrichLA Team December 11, 2011

Love is the Color of a Rainbow book by Kathy Parra Love is the Color of a Rainbow is a lovely story that will inspire children to unite with nature. The overall tone and subject matter is beautifully inspiring. Story: Willow, a little girl who has been blind since birth hears pit-pats of the first…

Seeding for next Semester

By EnrichLA Team December 8, 2011

  Now that our harvest is over, we have begun to plan for the next season by planting spinach, kale, radish, and pea seeds in peet pots.  By the time winter break is over we should have some seedlings that are ready to go in the ground!  We also planted seeds in potting soil in…


By EnrichLA Team December 8, 2011

On Thursday, December 8th, Markham will be getting a visit from the Sustainable Living Bike Tour which has traveled throughout California visiting schools to spread the message of sustainable living.  They are excited to be coming to Markham due to our new revitalized garden and will be arriving around noon time. Students will be getting…

Farm Markham at Markham Middle School on Sunday 12 4 2011

By EnrichLA Team December 6, 2011


Dont forget….Saturday, December 10!

By EnrichLA Team December 5, 2011

We could not do what we do without the selflessness of volunteers like you; please join us at this event, invite your friends and family, and make a beautiful day out of giving back! CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER Roybal Learning Center 1200 West Colton Street Los Angeles, CA 90026 There is no better way to…

Posts from Eco Enthusiast!

By EnrichLA Team December 4, 2011

10 Eco-Friendly, Alternative & DIY Christmas Trees What is the best eco-friendly option for a Christmas tree? There are several debates between real or fake. Some say real potted trees are the best solution, because most artificial trees contain toxins. So, what if you are allergic to real trees, like me? What are the best…


In a world that is becoming ever more competitive, can we really afford to have our youngsters gardening?

A student plants a seed and then sees a ting seedling within days? That is an easy lesson in science. Contrast fresh heirloom tomatoes with a pinch of salt to fast food? Welcome to nutrition 101. We can’t afford to raise a generation that does not get whole foods and we hardly need more folks who do not feel connected and thus a responsibility to the earth. 

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We are adding new sites monthly. We build fast and efficiently.

Our team with the help of volunteers is so efficient that we build start to finish in one day. Redwood boxes, controlled drip irrigation, picnic tables and super fertile soil. Our gardens work!  

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Building a school garden without a sustainability and teaching plan is a waste. Our rangers take care.

 Our garden rangers are on site weekly caring for the edible garden and delivering our straightforward and cheerful curriculum. We amend the soil, fix the irrigation and engage the community.

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Straightforward and cheerful. Its easy to learn by doing

Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides youth opportunities to explore in an outdoor setting.  We teach K-12 students everything from cooking skills to environmental stewardship and history to social justice.  It is rooted in the principals of both place-based and experiential learning models.

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Down to earth, no nonsense and hard working. We are irreverent and we are ambitious.

We are like no other non-profit. Nobody makes more than a school district custodian. Everybody gets their hands dirty. We are efficient. We are as frugal as a farmer. We have six company vehicles. 4 trailers. A car to haul them and a small tractor. We are different.      

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We need your help. Invest in Los Angeles Schoolchildren

There are many ways you can make a difference. We get that. We ask you to invest in what we are trying to do! Help kids eat healthy. Help kids appreciate and respect our planet. Help us partner with public schools.

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