Red Onions and Befriending the Lunch Ladies at San Pedro Elementary

By Rocio Prado September 18, 2018

  This was my first week as a Garden Ranger at San Pedro Elementary School. I’m learning that being a Garden Ranger means doing your best at negotiating many different moving parts. These include principals, faculty, community members, students, and the overall health of herbs, fruit trees, compost bins, and vegetables. Fortunately, I am in…

Self watering research

By team August 12, 2018

Problem. ….Our current system of drip irrigation works ( sort of pretty badly) but in some cases… 1. Squirrels chew it a lot in some gardens so it always needs repair and often gets chewed daily 2. The school district DOES NOT WANT our drip irrigation hooked permanently up to spigots that are on the…

Pollination Station plus Abundance!

By Flo Razowsky June 22, 2018

Check out our harvest at Selma Ave Elementary! The students were able to see and enjoy the fruits of their labor in the form of onions, beets, and kale.

Signs and Exploration

By Flo Razowsky June 20, 2018

     The gardeners at Selma Ave Elementary made signs for the garden today. Plus, Kinder made up their very own garden song!

Our Lush and Abundant Garden

By Flo Razowsky June 19, 2018

The garden at Magnolia Ave is sprouting up some great colors. Check out the butterfly that came to visit!

Our Happy Garden

By Flo Razowsky June 18, 2018

The colors at Temple Israel of Hollywood are vibrant and beautiful. We’ve also been getting a handful of small visitors!

Friends, Foes, Scholarship, Art and Inquiry.

By Flo Razowsky June 18, 2018

Cheremoya Avenue Elementary garden has it all.        Seeds, Seeds, Seeds. So many shapes, sizes, colors and textures.

Our Lush and Beautiful Garden

By Flo Razowsky June 18, 2018

  The garden at Hollywood Schoolhouse is super green! Though the end of the school year is here, the garden is still growing!

Everything must go – South Gate Middle

By Yancy Comins June 14, 2018

Well, not everything, but, a lot of the garden’s last year crops, were pulled up, sorted out, cleaned of, bagged and distributed to teachers and classmates alike.. OH THE JOY in seeing and hearing kids go veggies for veggies!   We had a fantastic 2nd semester for the students at South Gate middle school and…

Last Days – Dominguez

By Yancy Comins June 13, 2018

Testing testing.. 1, 2..   As the school year graciously comes to close, the students get an extra boost of happy-anxiousness. The students also get a extra boost of testing. Lol.. It’s Finals week here at Dominguez and while most students are testing, there are a few of us working in the garden to get…

Borage burstin

By Yancy Comins June 13, 2018

Borage bursting, Bees buzzin’ lemon sorrel swirling. Are giant sunflower almost coming to a beautiful sun shining state And our greens are growing giant-like and great

Sprouting Spring – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins June 13, 2018

Flowers of the stone fruit burst open, alive and healthy. Seeds from our seed-sewing session are showing their purpose. We pull up the last of the great winter and prepare for all things warm. . Summer is upon us!         els

The Cardboard Rescue – South Gate Middle

By Yancy Comins June 12, 2018

Way too much “trash” goes into our landfills that can be redirected into things more resourceful for our planet Today the plan switched a tad bit when I pulled up to the dumpsters of South Gate. Outside and in the bins were nothing but cardboard boxes, tons of boxes. And so we worked on our…

Planting season – Whaley Middle

By Yancy Comins June 12, 2018

Today we stared in amazement at this giant sunflower that the kids and I went nutty over!.  It’s like it just appeared out of nowhere even though we’d been waiting for it to bloom open and dazzle us. While we retried our attempt at successfully planting tomatoes that don’t get eaten, the kids posed by…

Humming Bird Visit at Aspire!

By Alex Aleshire June 12, 2018

  An unfortunate accident for a hummingbird turned into a once in a lifetime event for the Aspire students! I found a hummingbird with an injured wing the evening before and while I was arranging where to take the little guy, I discovered they needed to eat a few times every hour! So, I took…

Seeds – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins June 12, 2018

Recently we watched a documentary about seeds… Seeds: The  Untold Story Today. we cook with legumes seeds and more from the garden This “Bean Salad” we made was just greatly delicious. After learning how powerful seeds are I thought we should find out how to use some very simple and available hardy meals that takes…

Herbalicious Last Day at Woodlawn!

By Alex Aleshire June 11, 2018

Our last day’s harvest was so bountiful, that we made a delicious, fresh snack to end the year… Ah bruschetta!!  This classic Italian appetizer is a perfect way to capture the flavors of garden ripened tomatoes, fresh herbs like basil, oregano and chives and of course garlic!  Kindergarten and 1st grade were so excited to…

Scavenger Hunt at Frank Del Olmo!

By Claire Gavin June 11, 2018

As our garden days come to a close, I try to make every day as fun and activity-filled as possible for my students. I realized that their favorite thing to do in the garden is to explore it (and do some weeding!). I made a simple but fun scavenger hunt for the students to do…

Dayton Digs

By Hillary Williams June 11, 2018

We are definitely getting the garden ready for Summer at Dayton Heights Elementary.   It’s the time of year when garden rangers get even more sore than usual!  Lost to prune, pull, plan and plant. Lucky for me the third graders helped quite a bit today digging up the long awaited potatoes…harvesting plenty for all…

What’s Cooking – South Gate Middle

By Yancy Comins June 11, 2018

“YES, Veggie tacos!” is what I reply to the kids of my class as they ask what’s on the agenda for the day.. Today we harvested  Rainbow Chard, Collard Greens, Cilantro, tomatoes and a variety of kale… And made delicious veggie tacos… As the aroma of the cooking greens spread, mouths started to water and…

New gardens at Wilmington and North Valley YMCA

By enrichla May 29, 2018

Thanks to the LA Kings and Blue Shields, we have built new edible gardens at the Wilmington YMCA and North Valley YMCA!  

Luke, I am your Fava – Dominguez High

By Yancy Comins May 22, 2018

Dominguez High has been a real great growing place. The soil full of nutrients and since we have spent time nuturing the fruit trees, they’ve began to show signs of love to us. Today was all about harvest and mulching with nitrogen rich fava plants…. WE had teams of fava harvesters, teams of cutters and…

Aspire Digs Into the World of the Roly-Poly!

By Alex Aleshire May 22, 2018

Most kids know a lot about roly-poly’s; they’re cute, they roll up when they get scared and they don’t bite.  I wanted the kids to “dig a little deeper” into the world of a roly-poly, but first I gave the kids a little information about these bugs starting with their true name; pill bugs! So…

Our Scholarly Best

By Flo Razowsky May 22, 2018

Working hard in our Magnolia Avenue Elementary garden, using our scientific and artistic skills.

Holy Moly! Roly Polys at Woodlawn!

By Alex Aleshire May 21, 2018

Most of us have held a Roly-poly before…that gentle little garden creature that rolls up into a ball when disturbed or scared. It’s an easy creature to like; they don’t bite, they tickle your hand when they crawl on you and they can protect themselves! Today in the garden, Kinder and 1st grade learned more…


By Jessica Brown May 21, 2018

  I’ve never quite understood the fear that follows worms. From my experience, about 1 in every 100 kids fears worms but maybe 1 in 20 adults is scared of them. Why is that?  Somewhere along the way people are taught to hate them.  I believe it’s because they don’t understand them! Not only are…

Garden Party!

By Flo Razowsky May 21, 2018

Taking time to welcome family and staff guests to the garden and to teach them what we know. Plus, snacking. Yum!   Also, making sure our garden has good signage in as many languages as we speak at Melrose Avenue Elementary.

Sharing is Caring

By Hillary Williams May 21, 2018

This week at St. Patrick’s the kids learned a lot about the precarious state that bees are in!  With 1/3 of our crops dependant on bees for pollination, we can’t afford to lose any more bees to flowerless landscapes, pesticides, or crop “food deserts”.   Bees depend on pollen for protein and nectar for carbohydrates…

ReDuce! ReUse! ReCycle!

By Flo Razowsky May 21, 2018

Using reusable containers to replant our Spider Plant babies. Then we use the fence to make it a vertical garden. Afterward we need to make sure to check the moisture of the dirt everyday and water when necessary so our baby plant roots can grow strong.   Plus, the general beauty and abundance of our…

Lemony Mint Water Recipe at Sullivan

By Hope Cox May 14, 2018

With the warmer weather lately, our herbs at Sullivan are flourishing! I brought a lemon today to teach the kids how to make flavored water, a healthier alternative to sodas and juices. They helped me to collect mint leaves off the stems that I had them pass around. And while they were doing so, I…


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