St. Patrick’s Prepares

By Hillary Williams May 16, 2019

Last week at St. Patrick’s school the younger grades harvested and dried tons of mint leaves for making a Mother’s Day gift of mint tea!   The kids carefully crushed the dried mint into the tea bags and decorated their little packets beautifully.  The smell was intoxicating.   The middle schoolers had worked so hard…

MCP Week 8 – Encountering new challenges

By David Ames May 15, 2019

Gardeners, here are the updates on Mid City Prescott Farm as we’ve had some cloudy days the past days. After giving a few more days to the seeds that were planted with the students before we filled up all beds with soil, I decided to finally plant some fresh stuff, and since the weather has…

Artists in the Yorkdale Elementary Garden

By Lisa Friedman York May 15, 2019

For the first time ever at Yorkdale Elementary School, TK and Kindergarten classes experimented with watercolors to paint their favorite fruit or vegetable in the garden. This class was especially inspiring for children to express their creativity while creating gorgeous Still Life art pieces. Teachers were thrilled letting me know these paintings will go home…

Some Invited Friends at Carson Gore Academy

By Judi McKee May 15, 2019

During our lesson on friends and foes, our assessment of the garden revealed a few aphids, a lot of ants and no ladybugs! (or earthworms, but that’s for another blog….)  Since too many ants will chase the ladybugs away, we needed to bring in some reinforcements.  So, the following week, the classes remedied the problem…

Reporting Week 7 from MCP Farm

By David Ames May 13, 2019

Hello gardeners, we’ll pick up where we left on last week’s post about our Pepper plants at the Mid City Prescott Farm. It’s been 6 weeks since we planted those seedlings and unfortunately they are not thriving as everything else is at the garden. If we could make one exception, it would be the red…

No Place Like a Garden!

By Melanie Golder May 9, 2019

Hamlin Charter Elementary’s Garden has grown since we started last September! Here are before and after photos of the same section of the garden. We started out with a few marigold seedlings, and now we have cabbage, kale, turnips, radishes, peas, and potatoes. This week we saw an artichoke and tomatoes forming. We even have…

Tulsa 3rd Grade VS Aphids!

By Catherine Siefert May 9, 2019

This rotation, the 3rd graders at Tulsa had their first exposure to the garden! We also had some unexpected guests show up for class… Because this was the students first time in the garden space, we started off with the basics. Week 1 we learned all about soil- what it’s made of, what it’s good for,…

Pruining and weeding on these first weeks of flowering

By David Ames May 6, 2019

Hello Hello! Mid City Prescott’s school farm is thriving! Our latest gardening action has consisted on lots and lots of weeding around our row beds, grass is doing just as well as our crops. I think rather sooner than later, we will get some mulch to lay around most of our rows. Before and after…

Soil at El Sereno Elementary

By Sarah Heder May 6, 2019

The Pre-K students loved roaming the garden and searching for good bugs and bad bugs. I gave them pictures of different items in the garden, like a “flower” or a “green leaf” or a “ladybug” and they had to search the garden for that item. They were so excited when they found it. They loved…

Creating Healthy Dinners at Atwater Elementary

By Sarah Heder May 6, 2019

The 3rd graders had a lesson on what a balanced plate should look like at every meal. We talked about the 5 food groups: fruits and vegetables, grains, proteins, calcium items, and fats and sugars. I passed out pictures of different food items to the class and the students had to figure out which food…

Ladybugs to the Rescue!

By Seema Sundaresh May 4, 2019

There were a ton of aphids swarming around the kale, broccoli, and tomatoes at Arroyo Seco. So we thought what can we do to get rid of them? We tried to spray neem oil on the them. It worked on the plants that didn’t have too many aphids. Then we thought, “let’s get some ladybugs!”…

Harvest Time at Vine

By Seema Sundaresh May 4, 2019

Changing of the seasons also means harvest time! Vine students got to harvest a bunch of root veggies and leafy greens. The carrots we harvested were the sweetest we have ever tasted! The potatoes we delicious too. We had roasted potatoes with kale and onions spiced up with salt, garlic powder, crushed red peppers, and…

Spring Means New Beginnings at T.S. King Middle School

By Andrea Richards May 2, 2019

  Thanks to a generous grant from the LA Kings and Enrich LA, the King garden just had a massive makeover! Enrich LA staff, volunteers from the LA Kings, and students from the school worked together to add new beds, a new irrigation system, a sink and new teaching area, plus paint and redo the…

A Time to Recharge at Valley View

By Hillary Williams May 2, 2019

Our second to last garden session ended this week with a lesson on cover crops and a feast.  The second and third graders learned that soil needs recharging just like people do!   By planting cover crops, (buckwheat in this case) we not only add nutrients back into our garden soil, but we also attract…

New Garden at Queen Anne Elementary

By Judi McKee May 1, 2019

Six new raised beds and and a few citrus trees transformed the cement quad at Queen Anne Elementary into a productive garden space.   The kids examined the irrigation system and determined where the plants need to be placed in order to get regular water.  Then they dug out a small piece of native, hardened…

Soil Types + Veggie Tacos at 3rd Street Elementary

By Ami Kim April 30, 2019

Soil Types + Veggie Tacos at 3rd Street: This month at 3rd Street, we did some digging in our beds exploring The Soil Types. We learned about the different types of soil including sand, silt and clay and then went into the garden with magnifying classes and looked up close at soil samples to determine…

Garden Jeopardy at Weemes Elementary

By Ami Kim April 30, 2019

Garden Jeopardy at Weemes: This month at the end of our 2nd grade class, we combined all our lessons for a review game of Garden Jeopardy. Students were competing for the prize of honorable mammoth sunflower seeds 🙂 Our four categories included: Fruits & Veggies, General Garden Knowledge, Worms and Soil. Some example questions for…

Red cabbage month: April

By Angeles McClure April 29, 2019

Sherman Oaks report: Red cabbage was the main ingredient. They grew up explendit. Aroung 10 cabbages we tasted. Beets were at the second choice, 8 beets. with and amazing color: Chioggia (Bassano) Beet. Sweet, stripped patterns. Also the leaves were tasty.                               …

A garden for everyone.

By Angeles McClure April 29, 2019

Our garden is a open space to welcome everyone and everything. From the smallest creature on earth to humans. Every single thing on our garden is shared and appreciated by our eyes and for them. The insects. We explained and observed (very important one) our friends in the garden. We studying them very close. We…

Bloom Bloom Bloom!

By Angeles McClure April 29, 2019

Spring is here and all our friends are coming back, On our lesson, we talked about how important is to respect and give some space to our little friends because they are helping so much this world, and the flowers need them. I hope you guess already of whom I am talking about. Our friends…

April seed, cabbage and adobe.

By Angeles McClure April 29, 2019

Rio vista report: We started the month transplating the tomatoes, squash, watermelon and zucchini seedlings. Tomatoes are good companions plants(they like to grow next to each other) for the carrots, basil and peppers. Each of them with a separation of 12 inches. The choose of where to plant them was based on their “taste” of…

Mid City Prescott – Post Spring Break Maintenance

By David Ames April 29, 2019

Hey gardeners, back to school after spring break! Impressed by how much all of our cucurbitaceae crops grew over the past 2 weeks. After figuring out the irrigation system at the beginning of the project, the plants have really settled and are growing healthy. Tomatoes and zucchinis have started to flower, the same for all…

Welcoming Kinder GARDENERS at West Vernon!

By Olivia McCallum April 28, 2019

West Vernon’s tiniest hands helping in the garden West Vernon is welcoming TK and Kinder classes to the garden for their first time.  In this rotation we will review seasons and weather, bugs, trees and seeds and we can’t wait to get started! Our Day 1 was focused on exploring the garden, smelling all the…

Earth Week at Multnomah Elementary!

By Olivia McCallum April 28, 2019

The 1st graders at Multnomah Elementary were fired up for Earth Week! In addition to cleaning up trash around the school, the students decorated terracotta pots with Earth themed pictures. The students were encouraged to draw things they loved the most about the garden and of course, a picture of the Earth! We snacked on kale…

Angeles Mesa Elementary – Little rangers at garden

By David Ames April 25, 2019

Spring is here and the 4th graders at Angeles Mesa Elementary have completed Unit 1, we are now engaging again with 3rd graders who have been at the garden when they were in 1st grade, however they wanted a refresher and so far with talked about soil and all garden guests and visitors (Friends &…

Compost Relay + Parts of A Flower at 6th Avenue

By Ami Kim April 20, 2019

With our new compost kit arriving at 6th Avenue, students have been curious about how to use it and what it does to help the garden. Last week we talked in depth about composting and went over the additions we must have (greens, browns, de-composers, water & air) to make a compost pile effective. We…

Imagery in the Garden + Seed Balls at Mid City Prescott

By Ami Kim April 20, 2019

This month at Mid-City Prescott, we discussed the word “Imagery” and how we can describe imagery in the garden. Students walked around our beautiful garden and then wrote haikus or free-form poems to describe what they saw growing. Here are a few samples of some their poems 🙂   We also did the lesson “Native…

TIOH Getting Creative

By Seema Sundaresh April 19, 2019

In March, TIOH students became competing chefs. We took spring/summer fruits and vegetables to create a dish. Each group of students wrote a recipe Top Chef style! They were given specific ingredients to choose from and they had to come up with a recipe, measurements and all, to feed 31 people. They, then, chose the…

Vine St Sustainable Students

By Seema Sundaresh April 19, 2019

In March, Vine St students created serious solutions to reducing waste. Recycling, reducing, and reusing doesn’t only mean using the blue bins in our backyard (which we absolutely should). We can also donate clothes, shoes, toys, and lots of other things. We can take plastic water bottles and make them into planters. We can buy…

Gardner’s Plant Experiment

By Seema Sundaresh April 17, 2019

In March, Gardner scientists took Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiment and started a plant experiment. They had six different studies running at once. The experiments as follows: Plants that receive positive words Plants that receive negative words Plants that is in the sun but gets no water Plants that receive water but no sunlight Plants that are…


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