That makes a plant?!

By Sarah Shutman March 22, 2018

For this lesson, I planned to cover plant reproduction via parts of a flower. This was the first lesson that required thinking on my toes and adapting my plan (something that I am quickly learning). I drew out a picture and went over the descriptions. The pre-K and 2nd graders were  lost and distracted. They…

Aromatics at Hollywood Schoolhouse

By Flo Razowsky March 19, 2018

From edibles to aromatics, our garden is a treasure trove. After learning about the beneficial aspects of aromatic plants, we made our own satchels full of lavender, rosemary, sage, jasmine and more.

Colors and flowers in the Los Feliz Garden

By Matt Heidrich March 19, 2018

As spring arrives, our winter veggies are going to seed. This is a great learning and tasting opportunity! Arugula flowers are spicy and delicious. The favas are flowering too. Purple tree collards are very beautiful.

Growing our Multi-Lingual Garden

By Flo Razowsky March 19, 2018

Our Cheremoya garden is full of amazing artists and many languages. We’ve begun a sign project to share our joy and knowledge and to highlight all of the languages spoken on our campus including Russian, English, Spanish, Armenian and more.  

VBGC members learn about Greens

By Cindy Soto March 18, 2018

We have definitely made plenty of salads in the last few weeks because we have an abundance of greens, but today we made it for a specific reason. Before making the salads, I had VBGC members use their journals to make a list of all the types of greens that we usually eat, while they…

Aromatics at Cheremoya

By Flo Razowsky March 18, 2018

From edibles to aromatics, our garden is a treasure trove. After learning about the beneficial aspects of aromatic plants, we made our own satchels full of lavender, rosemary, sage, jasmine and more.

Flowers and Garden Art at Eagle Rock

By Matt Heidrich March 18, 2018

Today we learned about annuals and perennials. We went out into the garden and explored, finding lots of flowering annuals and perennials. We ate some of the flowers and decorated the beds with chalk.

Pollination Paradise at Selma Ave

By Flo Razowsky March 18, 2018

Learning about the importance of flowers – They give us new seeds! And bring the pollinators. The we diagram Parts of a Flower and then getting to explore them in real time. Plus, we make sure to keep lots of flowering plants in our garden to invite the pollinators and keep them sticking around.

Salad making with Delevan Dr. students

By Cindy Soto March 17, 2018

Students at Delevan Drive got to learn, how to make a salad, a dressing, and also learn the benefits of eating greens. I brought along with me a couple of different greens, romaine lettuce, beet greens, dinosaur kale, and red Russian kale. All greens have all different kinds of nutrients, but usually the darker the…

Parts of a Plant

By Flo Razowsky March 17, 2018

First we diagram and label the parts of a plant – Roots, Stem, Leaves and Flowers. Then, we get to explore those parts in real time using our investigative skills, including drawing and labeling.

YOKA students make HUMMUS!

By Cindy Soto March 17, 2018

For the last week of February, YOKA students got to make Hummus! Many enjoyed putting in all the ingredients into the food processor, and enjoyed trying hummus for the very first time! To finish class, we touched on some of the nutrients seeds contain, fiber and protein. -Ranger Cindy

Planting Seeds

By Flo Razowsky March 17, 2018

After making ourselves some delicious and refreshing Mint Lemonade, we re-used our cups to start new bean seeds. Now,we will grow and keep those seeds until they are big enough to transplant into our garden. Some of our previously planted seeds are growing strong!

Cooking Up a Storm at Aspire!

By Alex Aleshire March 16, 2018

We are still harvesting great big beautiful eggplant at the Aspire garden. The students have been so interested to find out what something so lovely could possibly taste like. I explained that eggplant is delicious when roasted and sprinkled with fresh herbs. Luckily, the cafeteria is super close to the garden, and I was able…

ALC Rooftop Garden

By Matt Heidrich March 16, 2018

The ALC rooftop garden is booming. As we transition to spring, the nasturtiums are in full bloom. We still have some squash hanging on from last summer. Borage attracts bees, adds soil fertility, and provides edible leaves and flowers.

Garden Riches

By Flo Razowsky March 16, 2018

Our garden at Magnolia Avenue Elementary has been very happy, producing exciting surprises and treats. From learning about root vegetables by growing sweet potatoes to watching the growing difference of vine sweet peas and the roundness of a cabbage head. Plus the taste tests!

Wiggly Worms at Dr. Jones Primary Center

By Christine Lai March 16, 2018

Dr. James Edward Jones Primary Center’s garden debuted this year. The students are excited and anxious to see their radish seeds grow. They peer wondrously at blooming snapdragons and bolting arugula. Nothing, however, can match the experience of holding a worm in your hand–and then learning that we use their poop in the garden. “Eeew.…

Talking about greens with VBGC at community garden.

By Cindy Soto March 16, 2018

The subject of the day on February 27th, was GREENS! Class started off by the making of a salad and dressing. I first pointed out the different greens I had brought along with me, dinosaur kale, romaine, beet greens and red Russian kale. I explained to the members that all have many nutrients, but that…

There is a Fugus Among Us ~ Woodlawn

By Alex Aleshire March 15, 2018

Have I told you about my 4th and 5th grade students at Woodlawn?  Well, they are an exceptional group of kids with such inquisitive minds. So much so, that for the past few sessions, we have explored the world of FUNGI  and the questions keep coming! (I’ve had to really do my research…these kids keep…

Garden Bouquets

By Flo Razowsky March 15, 2018

Going from edible to aromatic, we gathered and arranged bouquets learning about the power and properties of aromatic plants.

Pesky Little Pill Bugs at Aspire

By Alex Aleshire March 15, 2018

The Aspire students have been super interested in pill bugs lately.  These little guys are everywhere and in great numbers which can be hard on a garden. Although they eat mostly dead, organic debris, they can also nibble on ripening strawberries and germinating seeds.   We made observations after pulling out a dead plant and…

Monarch Cycle at Foster

By Hope Cox March 15, 2018

For the last few weeks, my students have been learning about different examples of cycles — the water cycle, the lifecycle of a plant and composting. To continue this pattern, we talked today about the lifecycle of a metamorphic creature: the monarch butterfly. This butterfly has been visiting Los Angeles since the end of October,…

Flowers at ERHS

By Matt Heidrich March 14, 2018

Flowers are blooming at ERHS. Today in the garden we saw a variety of flowering plants. Rue, arugula, lettuce, apples, peas, and roses are all showing their beautiful blooms. Soon we can collect seeds from these plants.

Book Reading at Clifford

By Cindy Soto March 14, 2018

It was a really chilly morning on February 20th, so we kept classes indoor for the morning. I brought along with me chopped up tomatoes and lettuce from the garden to the classroom. The students had a little lettuce with tomato taco! After enjoying the snack of the day, I read the students a book,…

Fungi and Compost @ Thomas Starr King

By Matt Heidrich March 14, 2018

Today we learned all about compost and fungi. We measured the temperature of the compost pile and investigated fungi with magnifying glasses. We also made cool signs for our native plants.

Terrariums at Roosevelt

By Flo Razowsky March 14, 2018

During garden classes at Roosevelt High School we built terrariums so we can observe the process of the atmosphere – condensation, evaporation, precipitation. We’ll keep these contained atmospheres going so we can observe and record the process. Updates to come…

Bugs and Flowers at Berendo

By Matt Heidrich March 13, 2018

Berendo’s garden is booming. The bees and the students love all the beautiful, delicious flowers. We observe the cycles of the annual plants as they go to seed. There were some cool looking spiders today.

Flowering Plant Life Cycle at CWC

By Cindy Soto March 13, 2018

For the last week of February, students learned the cycle of a flowering plant. From seed to flower to fruit and to seed again, with details in-between. To get a good visual of this cycle, all the students had the chance to open up a dried up marigold, they discovered the seeds inside and were…

New rotation at LFCSA

By Cindy Soto March 11, 2018

On February 12th, a new rotation of students started in the garden. As always for the first day of class, we go over garden rules. The students got to explore the garden and look at the things growing in the garden. They are had a chance to try a nasturtium flowers and romaine lettuce from…

So many Greens at VBGC!

By Cindy Soto March 10, 2018

The rooftop garden at VBGC has been doing so well, that we have been having an abundance of greens! The week before and this week on February 8th, I got to harvest some of the abundance to give to the parents when they came by to the club. When the VBGC members arrived we started…

A rotation ends, a new one starts at Delevan Dr.

By Cindy Soto March 9, 2018

In the first two weeks of February, a rotation came to an end, but then we had another one start. For the last day of the rotation, students got to do different activities. Seedlings got planted, some weeding was done, and students also helped gather dried leaves for our compost bin. On the first day…


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