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By team | July 24, 2011

Offset Your Carbon Footprint I bought a plane ticket for one of my relatives, and the travel website offered the option to offset my carbon footprint. I’ve heard of doing this, but I haven’t had the opportunity to do it before. When you offset your carbon footprint you help to reduce climate change and restore…

WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS- Be a Part of Main St. El. Garden Build

By team | July 22, 2011

On Saturday, August 13th EnrichLA will be gathering volunteers, parents and students for yet another garden build!  We are very enthusiastic about starting Phase 1 of Main Street Elementary School gardens, turning a patch of dirt into an edible garden and outdoor classroom. Saturday August 13th from 9-2, 129 E 53rd St., LA CA, 90011…

Main Street Elementary Edible garden Sketch

By team | July 22, 2011

We will build this new garden August 13th 2011  

EnrichLA Joins Like Minded Organizations

By team | July 21, 2011

EnrichLA Joins Like Minded Organizations in the effort for healthier food in schools The edible teaching garden at the 24th Street Elementary School was the perfect setting. It was clear from the get go that all of the participants had one common goal = bringing nutritious and delicious  foods to the kids of LAUSD. EnrichLA…

Micheltorena receives gift from Jennie Cook

By team | July 21, 2011

Micheltorena Garden received a set of bowls and knives plus a sharpener from Jennie Cook, the tireless crusader for better food in schools. Jennie is a great chef and caterer, and a big supporter of school edible  gardens. She sees the gardens as the portal to healthy eating habits and breaking with the vicious circle…

EnrichLA nominated for California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

By team | July 21, 2011

Thank you to Dr. Rebecca Crane, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, with Kaiser Permanente Sunset for nominating us for this award which recognizes efforts to positively impact the physical activity, fitness and well-being of California’s children and youth. Award winners will be officially announced in September and information will be posted on the Counci’s website

Plastic Water Bottles- Whats The Big Deal?

By team | July 19, 2011

EnrichLA seeks to bring nutrition and environmental awareness onto local school campuses.  But what would that mean without reevaluating the way we treat the environment ourselves? One issue that is very dear to us here at EnrichLA is the use of single-use plastic water bottles.  We have given away reusable bottles, donated by the Greater…

More work on the charter garden

By team | July 18, 2011

Just one more Saturday at the Micheltorena Garden

By team | July 17, 2011

This Saturday we had a lot of new people coming to the garden. I taught a class, Urban Beekeeping  101,  on all I learned from being a member of Backwards Beekeepers. A few folk from the Echo Park Time Bank showed up to it, and stayed for a garden produce salad from the bounty the…

EnrichLA Joins The Echo Park Time Bank

By team | July 17, 2011

EnrichLA has recently become a member of the “Echo Park Time Bank” and we are very excited about the opportunity to be a part of such a great group! From The Echo Park Time Bank website: “The Echo Park Time Bank is a collective whose purpose is to facilitate the cooperative exchange of goods and…




Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

We do not build and run. Our Garden Rangers maintain the garden space weekly and provide place-based learning opportunities for students, offering lesson plans with topics such as nutrition, healthy living, gardening, and environmental stewardship. These garden classes help students establish an immediate connection between the process of growing fruits and vegetables and consuming these foods in our outdoor kitchens. With these gardens, the classroom is given local focus, tangible results, and involvement in inquiry-based education.

For many students, our school gardens are their only access to green, outdoor spaces in their neighborhood.  By improving the environmental quality of their surroundings, children are more likely to succeed.  We have seen first-hand how access to edible gardens can bring joy and community involvement.


We have created 100 + in 4 years. We are barreling towards 200.

School gardens improve air quality, increase exposure to the natural world, encourage environmental stewardship, and positively impact health and eating habits of students and the surrounding community. These gardens act as catalysts to show students just how versatile, delicious, and FUN healthy food can be, developing positive attitudes toward healthy, fresh food and increasing consumption of these foods. The startling obesity statistics in Metro Los Angeles alone demonstrate a strong need for access to simple whole foods through gardening.


Our Values


A working edible garden in every Los Angeles School.


Down to earth, no nonsense and hard working. We are irreverent and ambitious.

Food justice and food insecure

are words you will rarely hear from us. We know the issues. We focus on solutions. No further study needed. We know how we can help.

Step 1. Get gardens into schools.

Step 2. Attract kids into these gardens.

We are all about action.

Our customers

are the kids. We strive to deliver a great product; a lush vegetable garden.




Get a garden in your school now


Build something lasting with us


It is easy to help out

There are many Non-Profits out there, but not all are very effective or frugal. Our people are people who volunteer, intern and give. People who care. We have minimal staff. Our garden rangers fan out to 68 schools weekly.  We respect our people by treating their time as precious. If you volunteer, we want you to be exhausted. We feel that if you are going to give up your day to help us and others then the least that we can do is make it worth your while.

EnrichLA builds and takes care of edible school gardens throughout Los Angeles.

After co-founder and Executive Director Tomas O'Grady recognized a need to connect students with the source of their food, EnrichLA was founded in August 2011 as a 501(c)(3) designated non-profit. By installing and managing a school garden at Thomas Starr King Middle School, Tomas discovered how its presence benefited the lives of students, staff and the surrounding community.  King Middle School is now one of 68 schools that demonstrate how school gardens can transform a community through increased student involvement and improved aesthetics, improving morale and promoting healthy living.  The immeasurable benefits at this school led Tomas to the motto: A Garden in Every School. Ultimately, we think that every child in every school in this city ought to experience the joy of growing, harvesting, preparing and eating simple whole foods.

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Los Anegles, CA 90027

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