Our Garden Rangers deliver our interdisciplinary garden-based education program that allows students to learn in a wonderful outdoor classroom- the garden! Our program offers students six introductory lessons about their school garden. Our program schedule allows all students in K-12 to visit the garden throughout the year. Students learn about the rules in the garden and develop their own, fun garden names. They also explore the garden and help it grow by planting new seedlings. Students learn about the different soil types and which type is in their school garden. Students explore the beneficial and harmful insects that live in their school garden. Climate and Seasons: Students explore the Los Angeles’ ecosystem and the types of weather conditions that different plants prefer. Students learn about the anatomy of a plant and learn to identify which part of the plant we commonly eat. Students work together to harvest and prepare food from the garden. The students care for and maintain the garden. This is the ultimate lesson. They can control the space through their efforts. Our Rangers blog about their work every week. Here are the latest.

Silverlake Jubilee

This weekend I will be volunteering with students from Thomas Starr King Middle School at the Silverlake Jubilee. The students are raising money to buy reusable lunch trays instead of throwing away 1,400 Styrofoam trays every day. Learn more about their project at: http://farmkingblog.wordpress.com/ Silverlake Jubilee eco-commitment: The Silver Lake Jubilee is a single-use bottled […]

Micheltorena Update

Micheltorena Update

Over the past few weeks, a lot has been accomplished at the garden. Mr. Wurmfeld and I have given lessons on the anatomy of seeds to many classes, including Ms. Markarian’s kindergartners and Ms. Lewis’ 3rd and 4th graders. We’ve shown the students how to plant seeds, and explained to them how the embryo inside…

Are Gas Blowers Illegal In Your Neighborhood?

Gas blower laws differ by city — find out if its use is banned in your neighborhood and what you can do if you spot a violation!   City of Berkeley The use of any portable machine powered with a gasoline engine used to blow leaves, dirt, and other debris off sidewalks, driveways, lawns or…

New Farm King logo…

Personal Care

Personal care products are disposable, fill up the landfills, and are harmful to the environment. Here are a few products to reduce your impact on the environment. Preserve products such as their toothbrushes and razors are made from recycled yogurt cups, are BPA free, doesn’t test on animals and are recyclable after use. Eco•Dent floss […]

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

http://www.apc.com/recycle/index.cfm?isocountrycode=us I use a battery backup UPS on my home computer equipment for protection from damaging surges and spikes. It allows me to save my files and safely shutdown my computer during a power outage. I had one for several years and then last year it died. I wondered what I was going to do […]

It’s flip flop time

It’s time to break out the flip flops! These flip flop colorful handmade doormats keep foam-rubber wastes from sandal manufacturing out of landfills by transforming them into tough but lightweight doormats that excel at removing soils. Used indoors or out, they’re easy to clean and have a cushiony feel that makes them great fatigue mats, […]

Bike Week LA

http://www.metro.net/around/bikes/bike-to-work/ Celebrate Bike Week LA 2011 from May 16 – 20.  For the 17th straight year, Metro will be partnering with community organizations to celebrate all things bike. Several events are planned throughout the region, including Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 19. Bike Week LA Events Monday, May 16 – Kick-off event at North […]

Eco-friendly Candles

Choosing eco-friendly candles are a healthier choice than using regular paraffin candles. Parafin candles can harm the indoor air quality because they contain eleven toxins that are thrown into the air while burning. If you notice the black soot on the rim of the candle holder, it’s the same black soot particles that are in […]

New garden shed at FARM KING

Building the base  

Franklin Avenue students change their plastic use

4th grade class of Mr. Hernandez with new stainless steel water bottles from the GGPNC  

This will be an edible garden very soon ROOSEVELT HIGH

This will be an edible garden very soon ROOSEVELT HIGH

Roosevelt High School


Yes we are only about 6 weeks old…but we don’t mess around!  We have managed to continue work on our completed gardens at Micheltorena Elementary School and Thomas Starr King Middle School, as well as getting started on 9 other gardens!  We have plans in the works for these gardens, are meeting with principals, and…

Something’s cooking at Farm King!

We are well on our way in building our kitchen and patio at Farm King! Volunteers and students worked hard this past Tuesday to set the foundation for our future outdoor kitchen/storage. The day was full of shovels and concrete and bricks, (oh my!) We’re very excited for this outdoor kitchen and can’t wait to…

Big Sunday Weekend

Big Sunday Weekend is a huge volunteer opportunity on May 14th & 15th. Please check out their site for more info and find projects in your area. http://www.bigsunday.org/