Bring an edible garden and a garden program to your school today!

Since 2011, EnrichLA has been building and caring for over 100 edible gardens throughout Los Angeles Unified School District. Our gardens cheer up school campuses, promote healthy eating, encourage environmental stewardship, and engage students in experiential learning.

A garden is only useful to a school if it is cared for to the degree that the students are actually using it.

Our weekly Garden Ranger Program, now at 80 of our partner schools, provides students with interactive and interdisciplinary garden lessons. We provide all the supplies and care for the garden throughout the year, including school breaks.

Through  a frugal no-nonsense approach, we are excited to offer a limited number of schools our edible gardening services at a very low expected contribution from schools.

If you don’t have a garden…..

Depending on size and the specific site, schools on average are asked to contribute between $1,500 and $5,000 toward materials for a new edible garden. The garden comes fully equipped with redwood garden beds, a drip irrigation system and redwood picnic tables. We take care of all permits and approvals with the district. As a non-profit, we are committed to providing schools with a low-cost path to getting an edible school garden.

If you have a garden….

We will work with you to revitalize the space (should it be needed), which might include adding a drip irrigation system, amending the soil and fixing the beds. Depending on the condition of the garden, schools might be asked to contribute between $0 and $2,500 for a garden rehabilitation.

For the Yearly Garden Ranger Program

For the 2017-2018 Garden Ranger Program, Title 1 Schools are asked to contribute $5,175 for the yearlong program. This includes: Ranger classes once a week (for up to 3 different groups), weekly garden maintenance (including summer maintenance!), and all garden materials and tools needed throughout the year (i.e. seedlings, compost, soil etc).  Non-Title 1 Schools are asked to contribute $6,900 for the yearlong Program.


Contact us today! We are here to serve you!

We will come to meet with you to discuss a way forward, at no obligation to you or the school!

Email us at:

or call Tomas O’Grady at 323-387-3866


We will visit your school this week and help identify the most appropriate site for a garden. We can build on Asphalt OR unpaved!. The location generally must be south facing and have access to a water supply.

On average, we ask schools to contribute anywhere between $1,500 to $5,000 towards the cost for their edible school garden, depending on the site.  This generally includes 6 large 4′ x 12′ garden beds, or up to 10 medium garden beds, 3 picnic tables, 6 climbing cages and an automated drip irrigation system. Our systems use little water and water only the plants!

We work with you to identify funding whether from within your school or within the district or in some cases, help you raise the funds for materials. We are to the point. We ask: how much can the school contribute? Is there a PTA? Who is a local company who might like to help? We may have a company who already wants to build.

A typical new garden on concrete (Site: KIPP Empower)


A mature garden on ground (Site: South Gate Middle School)


We will file all paperwork. 

        We will work with your CPM ( or other facility manager) and others to get your garden approved.

       We carry all the appropriate insurance to satisfy your district.

       We will gather volunteers to build a sustainable and safe edible garden. We will plant the garden. We get it done fast. We have a full menu of tools, equipment, and professionals to build a garden quickly and legally!

Please remember this. 

A garden that works is so much more than a few boxes filled with soil. We are detailed. We make gardens work.

Garden Ranger Program (GRP) F.A.Q.s

How many schools are in the 2016-2017 Garden Ranger Program?

We currently have 80 schools in our 2016-2017 Garden Ranger Program. You can find the list here.

When does the GRP begin and end?

The 2017-2018 Garden Ranger Program will begin after Labor Day (September 4, 2017). The GRP generally ends as late as the last week of school, but we will work around your schedule.

What is included in the GRP?

The GRP includes an apx. 4-hour weekly ranger visit comprised of interdisciplinary, garden-based classes and garden maintenance. We also arrange for a few workdays, participate in or host special events. We provide seeds, seedlings, compost, mulch, irrigation fixes and overall troubleshooting for the garden. We take responsibility for the garden both during the school year and during vacation.  The program places the garden under or umbrella where we from time to time improve and innovate in the garden!

What is the expected contribution for the GRP?

The expected school contribution for a yearlong Garden Ranger Program is $6,900. EnrichLA is able to ask for a reduced contribution from Title 1 schools due to our grant writing efforts. A specific quote will be sent to you.

Will the curriculum always remain the same?

No, we are always hard at work developing new year-long curriculum.

The basic school curriculum includes four units, each with a unique focus.

Unit topics include: (1) School Garden Basics, (2) Healthy Habits, (3) Environmental Stewardship, and (4) Art in the Garden. The School Garden Basics includes the six introductory lessons covering planting, seed sowing, soil, insects, climate and seasons as well as a final lesson on nutrition and harvesting. The three new units are each 6 lessons in length, accompanied by extension lessons to do in the classroom.

The middle and high school curriculum includes a deep exploration of existing life skills, math and science topics, including but not limited to: garden and farm science, plant anatomy, ecosystems, environmental stewardship and nutrition.

Can the teachers drop students at the garden?

No. We kindly insist that teachers participate wholeheartedly with the students in the garden. This ensures two things, one that the learning in the garden is extended beyond the garden time and that students have proper  legal supervision in the garden classroom.

Can we have the GRP during school and after-school hours?

Yes, we want to fit the needs of the school so both as well as a combination of the two options is available though we will not split up the time into two slots.

Will EnrichLA care for the garden over the summer?

Yes, we will schedule a few routine workdays and visits to ensure that the garden looks great when students, teachers and the school community return in August.

Are the gardens organic?

Yes. We also use organic fertilizer and organic compost that is commercially available.

When is the expected contribution due?

We know that funding cycles can be a little tricky, and we try to be flexible. In some cases we may have funding that offsets the total cost. We ask, however, that you provide EnrichLA with an approximate date when we can expect payment.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured as per requirements by the School District.