Bring an edible garden and a garden program to your school today!

Since 2011, EnrichLA has been building and caring for over 100 edible gardens throughout Los Angeles Unified School District. Our gardens cheer up school campuses, promote healthy eating, encourage environmental stewardship, and engage students in experiential learning.

A garden is only useful to a school if it is cared for to the degree that the students are actually using it.

Our weekly Garden Ranger Program, now at 80 of our partner schools, provides students with interactive and interdisciplinary garden lessons. We provide all the supplies and care for the garden throughout the year, including school breaks.

Through  a frugal no-nonsense approach, we are excited to offer a limited number of schools our edible gardening services at a very low expected contribution from schools.


If you don’t have a garden…..

Depending on size and the specific site, schools on average are asked to contribute between $1,500 and $5,000 toward materials for a new edible garden. The garden comes fully equipped with redwood garden beds, a drip irrigation system and redwood picnic tables.

We will visit your school this week and help identify the most appropriate site for a garden. We can build on Asphalt OR unpaved!. The location generally must be south facing and have access to a water supply. We take care of all permits and approvals with the district. We will work with your CPM ( or other facility manager) and others to get your garden approved. We carry all the appropriate insurance to satisfy your district.

As a non-profit, we are committed to providing schools with a low-cost path to getting an edible school garden. We will gather volunteers to build a sustainable and safe edible garden. We will plant the garden. We get it done fast. We have a full menu of tools, equipment, and professionals to build a garden quickly and legally!


If you have a garden….

We will work with you to revitalize the space (should it be needed), which might include adding a drip irrigation system, amending the soil and fixing the beds. Depending on the condition of the garden, schools might be asked to contribute between $0 and $2,500 for a garden rehabilitation.


For the Garden Ranger Program

For the 2017-2018 Garden Ranger Program, Title 1 Schools are asked to contribute $5,775 for the yearlong program. This includes: Ranger classes once a week (for up to 3 different groups), weekly garden maintenance (including summer maintenance!), and all garden materials and tools needed throughout the year (i.e. seedlings, compost, soil etc).  Non-Title 1 Schools are asked to contribute $7,600 for the yearlong Program.

We can work with you to identify funding whether from within your school or within the district or in some cases, help you raise the funds for materials. We are to the point. We ask: how much can the school contribute? Is there a PTA? Who is a local company who might like to help? We may have a company who already wants to build.


 Ready to build a garden?

Please email us at or call us at (323-813-1768).