Teaching weekly classes in the garden on topics including environmental sustainability, nutrition, and STEM

Maintaining the campus garden weekly (including holidays) to ensure healthy soil, safe and edible plants, and pest control

Turning compost and encouraging schools to collect organic food waste

Designing and appropriating lessons for various grades

Supplementing Enrich LA curriculum to engage students in active, dynamic learning methods

class materials within low program cost

Repair drip irrigation and manage irrigation schedule

Blogging class lessons and activities weekly

Coordinating with Principals and teachers to organize garden beautification projects

Leading interns and volunteers to develop related teaching skills



Enrich LA has a very unique approach to garden education. In our experience, even a little bit of exposure to garden education can make a big impact. For this reason, we aim to reach as many students as possible.Thanks to generous aid from our donors and a frugal no-nonsense approach, we are excited to offer the Garden Ranger Program to schools at an extremely low cost.

Schools are asked to contribute towards the cost as follows:

Title 1 Public School - $5,775

Non Title 1 Public School  - $7,600

Non Public School  - $10,440

The Ranger program encourages parent, teacher, student and community involvement. Our rangers also blog about their work every week so parents can see what the school garden is up to and get involved! In addition, we have developed a volunteer-based Parent Ranger position to further engage parents into the school garden!