Parent Rangers

Parent Rangers

As our organization continues to grow, we look toward parents to help take our Garden Ranger Program to new levels!

The Parent Ranger is a volunteer position that acts as the liaison between EnrichLA’s Garden Ranger and the school.  The Parent Ranger helps the garden thrive first and foremost by being a great communicator.  They help manage school and Ranger requests and spread the word about what the kids are learning and doing in the garden.  They assist with garden maintenance, coordinate garden clean up days, and plan interesting activities and events.

Parent Ranger Duties include:

  • Connect with Garden Ranger each week to find out what’s happening in the garden as well as what’s needed for lessons and maintenance.
  • Post Garden Ranger lesson topics on school website. Include information about what the kids will be doing and tasting.
  • Coordinate Garden Ranger’s requests with designated school administrator and follow up to make sure they are completed.
  • Communicate with teachers and room parents regarding upcoming garden events and needs.
  • Coordinate garden clean up days.
  • Plan events to fundraise for the garden (if appropriate).
  • Assemble a Garden Committee to help with responsibilities!!

We’ve found that our most successful school programs have a lot of parent involvement. With the help of Parents, our Garden Rangers can take the program to higher levels of engagement and activities that ultimately benefit the students.