Get a garden + the Ranger program in your school now. We have built over 100 in Los Angeles. We move rapidly. We take care of the permits. We make it ridiculously affordable. We are frugal. We can take on existing gardens and we know how to fix things.

You want your group volunteer day to actually mean something? You want lasting impact? We are so busy, we can guarantee almost any date you choose. You want to see results.   


It is easy to help out. We are in 100 Los Angeles schools weekly and we care for our 100 gardens 332 days per year.  If you want to help , we will put you to work. We are growing so rapidly that no matter what you have to offer, we likely need your talents. Engage today. Volunteer tomorrow.

For Our Garden Rangers



In a world that is becoming ever more competitive, can we really afford to have our youngsters gardening?

A student plants a seed and then sees a ting seedling within days? That is an easy lesson in science. Contrast fresh heirloom tomatoes with a pinch of salt to fast food? Welcome to nutrition 101. We can’t afford to raise a generation that does not get whole foods and we hardly need more folks who do not feel connected and thus a responsibility to the earth. 

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We are adding new sites monthly. We build fast and efficiently.

Our team with the help of volunteers is so efficient that we build start to finish in one day. Redwood boxes, controlled drip irrigation, picnic tables and super fertile soil. Our gardens work!  

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Building a school garden without a sustainability and teaching plan is a waste. Our rangers take care.

 Our garden rangers are on site weekly caring for the edible garden and delivering our straightforward and cheerful curriculum. We amend the soil, fix the irrigation and engage the community.

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Straightforward and cheerful. Its easy to learn by doing

Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides youth opportunities to explore in an outdoor setting.  We teach K-12 students everything from cooking skills to environmental stewardship and history to social justice.  It is rooted in the principals of both place-based and experiential learning models.

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Down to earth, no nonsense and hard working. We are irreverent and we are ambitious.

We are like no other non-profit. Nobody here makes more than a school district custodian. ($38,000) Everybody gets their hands dirty. We are efficient. We are as frugal. We are different. We are an active Non-Profit. ( a non profit who does work as opposed to advocating)       

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We need your help. Invest in Los Angeles Schoolchildren

There are many ways you can make a difference. We get that. We ask you to invest in what we are trying to do! Help kids eat healthy. Help kids appreciate and respect our planet. Help us partner with public schools.

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Micheltorena Garden in Silver Lake- Wednesday Edition 1

By EnrichLA Team | April 7, 2011

All big smiles the kids started pouring, class after class, into the garden for fun outdoor learning and playing. Of course everybody wanted to water, but they also were very interested in learning about tree roots and soil erosion with Charlie, soil composition with Erik, tomato planting with Susan, and seed planting with Alex. The…

Farm King on CBS news!

By EnrichLA Team | April 6, 2011

Farm King on CBS news! – Click on the photo below to see the video!

Farm King in GOOD Magazine

By EnrichLA Team | April 5, 2011

Click here to check out the great article in GOOD Magazine about Farm King students saying NO to Styrofoam in LAUSD cafeteria.  

Saturday- A beautiful day for gardening!

By EnrichLA Team | April 2, 2011

There are many reasons why school gardens are beneficial.  Not only do they encourage a sense of community and healthy socialization, but students can learn a lot by growing their own foods! School gardens provide a nutritional benefit for students, by creating a fun and active learning experience.  Children get hands on experience growing their…

3/29/11 Raising the Styrofoam Tower

By EnrichLA Team | March 30, 2011

Students raised the Styrofoam tower representing LESS trays then are used in 1 day on campus. We also made a coconut veggie curry, salad, planted seedlings and more!

3/29/11 Raising the Styrofoam Tower, posted with vodpod


By EnrichLA Team | March 23, 2011

Huge garden day! We made amazing wraps that were delicious. We harvested salad to feed 50 people at the Friends In Deed food pantry in Pasadena. We continued our giant Styrofoam tower and we prepped new beds for tomatoes.To read more, please visit Carr…


By EnrichLA Team | March 23, 2011

Huge garden day! We made amazing wraps that were delicious. We harvested salad to feed 50 people at the Friends In Deed food pantry in Pasadena. We continued our giant Styrofoam tower and we prepped new beds for tomatoes.
To read more, please visit Car…


By EnrichLA Team | March 22, 2011

We believe that all children and young adults, regardless of economic status, have the right to first class public education in a healthy and inspiring environment. To that effect, our purpose is to assist public schools to enrich the learning experience  (increase the amount of green spaces on campus) by building edible gardens and other…

Our School at Blair Grocery: Achieving the Impossible in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward

By EnrichLA Team | February 16, 2011

Compost at Our School at Blair Grocery

NEW ORLEANS — Last weekend, I visited Our School at Blair Grocery, an alternative, hands-on school and non-profit organization focused on teaching youth in the Lower Ninth Ward the principles of urban farming and sustainability. Our School at Blair Grocery is not just some agricultural magnet school. Rather, it is a place of hope and empowerment for youth in one of the nation’s most impoverished and crime-ridden… Read more»