EnrichLA Garden Ranger


The Garden Ranger is an educator, a gardener, and a mentor at up to five school sites in Los Angeles. S/he serves at each school for a ½ day per week and works with students of all grades. S/he acts as the school’s garden manager and teacher, works with the school site administration, and helps develop lesson plans to maintain an educational garden. The Garden Ranger contracts with EnrichLA.

Duties include but are not limited to:


  • Hold weekly classes at the time agreed upon with the school site upon at each school, rain (indoors) or shine
  • Guide students in general maintenance of the garden with focus on compost, harvest, and cultivation
  • Mentor students in and out of class, model respect and curiosity for learning, and encourage students’ interests and talents
  • Lead interns to develop related teaching skills

Lesson Development and Documentation

  • Supplement the public EnrichLA curriculum in creative ways that engage students in active learning including but not limited to using colorful flashcards, large posters or singing songs
  • Keep track of garden growth and necessity for garden improvements
  • Take pictures of garden classes and garden development to contribute to the EnrichLA online blog


  • Maintain a healthy and bountiful garden through seed starting, composting, maintaining soil fertility, pruning, irrigation, pest and disease management, successive planting, and planting with seasons
  • Organize and coordinate at least one school-wide garden work day per semester in the school year
  • Lead interns to develop related garden skills

Communication and Outreach

  • Write one blog post per site with two or more pictures per week
  • Organize on-campus garden related events like fundraising farm stands, garden clubs and parent workshops where possible


  • Commitment for at least the full 2018-2019 school year
  • Experience working in an organic garden
  • Self-directed, energetic and enthusiastic
  • Submit and pass *TB Test and *background check (*Reimbursable)
  • Access to reliable transportation
  • Undergo Summer training program ( 1 week )

Desired Experience:

  • UCCE Master Gardener Certification
  • Leading volunteers in any work setting
  • Classroom management skills


  • Garden Ranger will invoice at $80 ( $100 if trained as Master Ranger ) plus materials for each ½ day school visit with up to 5 schools per week (depending on availability and location)
  • Contractors fill out a 1099 Tax Form as independent contractors
  • Garden supplies purchased by Ranger and submitted in monthly invoice for reimbursement.

EnrichLA has gardens in 120 schools and a Garden Ranger Program in 90+ of those schools:enrichla.org/map

If you are interested in becoming a Garden Ranger, please send a short Cover Letter and Resume to recruit@enrichla.org. We look forward to meeting you!

Page updated 5/8/2018