Welcome to the Wilton Garden!!


Today was the first day for the new cycle of students. They came excited and ready to eat something.  The garden welcomed them with a fresh leafy green salad. Students are working the soils and getting the garden ready for Spring and Summer. They tilt, cultivate, rake and water the beds and lots of healthy compost to add back nutrients taken away from our cool season crops.




Zuri Blandon

Plastic Bag Infographic

Below is a stunning infographic, courtesy of Reuse This Bag, which spotlights worldwide trends on plastic bag bans and usage. The first ban on single-use plastic bags began in Ireland in 2003. Since then, countries like China, Australia, and Somalia have followed suit. Until the United States puts a ban on these urban tumbleweeds, make…
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Bye-bye Bottled Water!

Marketers of bottled water have certainly done their jobs well. Bottled water claims to be fresher, cleaner, healthier, heck, even smarter. And consumers eat (or drink, rather) it all up. When the truth is, bottled water is just as safe and healthy as tap water. In general, municipal water in developed countries is well-regulated. In…
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Reuse Materials to Reduce Waste

Ervin, Victoria, Estefania, Larry, and Javier encourage you to REUSE materials to REDUCE waste. 
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More Bees and a Well-Deserved Meal

      Today at Micheltorena, Leonardo continued the bee demonstration with the observation hive so that every class had a chance to learn about the nature of bees and the art of beekeeping. Leonardo talked about the structure of honeycomb (hexagonal cells), about the different types of bees that make up a colony (worker,…
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Litter From Garbage Trucks

Carl, David, Martin, and Jason define litter and offer suggestions on how garbage trucks can reduce litter.
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Say No to Styrofoam

Mariska, Hannah, John, and Miguel take action to reduce styrofoam at their school. 
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6/15/2111 Enrich LA ( aka farm feliz) + Whole Foods are proud to announce a sponsorship partnership with Thomas Starr King Environmental Studies Magnet to provide for the 2011-2012, organic food for quarterly picnics for the students. “This is a green magnet. Four times a year, we will have a big picnic…
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Large Marge Sustainables will serve Lunch to the Trinity Volunteers

We are very excited because Large Marge Sustainables will be serving lunch to the volunteers at the Trinity School Garden Build this Saturday 6/18. Great food for great works! http://www.largemargesustainables.com To sign up for this event http://enrichla.org/volunteer/  
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Scrubbing king for magnet introductions

Hard at work putting on our best face at king middle
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Bruschetta at Kingsley

By Justine Tyler | April 1, 2018

Bruschetta is an antipasto (starter dish) from Italy consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. The wonderful kids and I at Kingsley Elementary made this classic dish today. Bruschetta with Tomato and Basil Recipe Prep time: 15 minutesCook time: 20 minutesYield: Makes 24 small slices, serves 6-10 as an…

A plant is what?!

By Sarah Shutman | March 29, 2018

When teaching about gardening, it is impossible to engage students if they don’t know what part of a plant I am talking about! For this lesson, I covered the parts of a plant. I discussed the roots, stem, leaves, fruit and flowers. I brought in a dug up mallow plant (to show roots, stem, leaves),…

Beets are rad(ish)!

By Sarah Shutman | March 27, 2018

Beets are rad(ish)! This year, Valentine’s Day was full of nostalgic excitement, as I remembered my days of elementary school, full of sugary candy and a “holiday”. This was my first year teaching on Valentines Day, and I wanted to share something special with the students of 2nd  Street Elementary. I decided to do a…

That makes a plant?!

By Sarah Shutman | March 22, 2018

For this lesson, I planned to cover plant reproduction via parts of a flower. This was the first lesson that required thinking on my toes and adapting my plan (something that I am quickly learning). I drew out a picture and went over the descriptions. The pre-K and 2nd graders were  lost and distracted. They…

Love Nature

By PJ Johnson | April 12, 2018

Valentines Day at Gardener School Love Nature. We showed our love for nature at Gardener School. The students were allowed to pick the most interesting leaf in the garden from any place in the garden and they had  to write something to it like a poem or a love letter. Ms. Thaviphone class created leaf…

Gardener School – Composting

By PJ Johnson | April 11, 2018

2nd-grade class: We visited the three compost bins in the garden.  Finding Mr. Brown carbon examples and Mr. Green Nitrogen examples to put in the bins.  They gathered brown leaves from the ground and picked three things to identify which it was carbon or nitrogen.  We also looked at a compost thermometer, talking about the…

Pollination at Gardener Street Elementary School

By PJ Johnson | April 10, 2018

Talk to the class about pollination today.   The kids identified the stamen and pollen on the flowers in the garden.  They also took herbs from the garden lemon balm, mint, lavender, sage.  They also identified the pollen on some herb plants.

Van Ness Deep in the Dirt

By PJ Johnson | April 9, 2018

We cleaned up the beds and Ms. Chelsea and Udie pulled weeds together. The students in the VI part of Vaness got their hands deep in the dirt.  Pulling out weeds from the beds especially in areas where we have overgrown vegetation.  We have eaten a lot of Romain lettuce with Hummus because the kids…

Compost Learning at Van Ness School

By PJ Johnson | April 8, 2018

New group of kids learning about compost.  We took a poll as to what [a cup of worm castings] worm poop was just by looking, touching and smelling the worm castings.  The students really were interested in what they could put in the Darth Vader like compost bin

Van Ness School making seed bombs with the VI kids

By PJ Johnson | April 7, 2018

This was a great exercise for the kids especially Udie.  Chelsea the OT specialist at Vanes and I partner to play with our students at Vaness.  Udie also helped to crush roasted eggshells for the compost.