The Life of Seeds

This week our mung beans plants are looking absolutely wonderful! They where planted by our last session students, so it was this sessions turn to learn what exactly is a seed.


We discussed the similarities between plant and human life cycles, and seed is a baby plant. But the seeds that we have stored or packaged are dormant, which means they are a sleep. When seeds germinate that is the see waking up and beginning to sprout. We talked about the parts inside the plant and what they need to wake up and what begins to happen once they do.

The students even got a chance to look inside a bean that has been soaked, took off the seed coat and even found a baby plant inside.

Although gardeners often put seeds in the ground it is easy to forget what the little life inside looks like and what is happening. Now are new gardeners have a better chance to know what they grow. From inside and out!

Ranger Christina