I’ve always enjoyed teaching pollination because it is such adds to not only understanding how seeds are formed but also flower anatomy. Which often doesn’t get taught until 8th grade middle school. I’ve always found it fun to simply the concept to make it into something that kids can understand.



Most plants form flowers before seeding. These flowers have important parts that a seed needs to combine in order to form a flower. First their is the anther, the anther holds pollen and when a bee is sucking up nectar, it also collects pollen. When the pollen gets brought to the pistil, it drops into the pistil where eggs are held. When eggs and pollen meet. We get seeds.


Christina Perez

Christina began her career in Urban Agriculture Development as an Urban Garden Educator in Portland, ME. She has recently moved to South LA, to take the tools and knowledge she has acquired to aid in dismantling the food apartheid.
“I firmly believe that educating youth is the best way to enact change. If people are aware of their options, they are more apt to make better choices. Which insures a healthy and happy future.”
She also works for RootDownLA managing food distribution systems and a food production garden. She actively works in food justice and feels that it an intersectional bridge towards a better life for all people.