Harvest Party at Wilton Place

Last week at Wilton Place we had a lovely harvest party, picking fresh veggies from our garden!

For our greens we harvested lovely dinosaur kale, longevity spinach, basil and amaranth greens…


Giving them a good wash, then breaking them up, washing them again…


We then tossed our freshly washed greens into our salad bowl. We made a dressing of fresh squeezed orange juice, olive oil, lemon thyme and oregano (these herbs came fresh from our garden). We also added some lovely cherrie tomatoes from our tomato plant still holding strong!

To finish, we added a little bit of extra oranges and sunflower seeds to make the salad more dynamic and add just a tiny bit more nutrients.

The salad was a huge hit amongst our students! I am always a happy when kids ask to eat more veggies. 🙂


Ranger Christina