Fresh, Free and Delicous

At Wilton Place Elementary, we began talking about the end of a plant life cycle and harvest. We pick the vegetables when they are fresh and ripe, and still filled with those lovely nutrients that help out body. Our school garden was looking lush and beautiful so we decided to have a harvest party with all the beautiful things growing in our garden. I demonstrated to the students how to pick veggies from certain plants. How it is very simple, use your best judgement to pick a plant ready to go, and also be gentle. When a plant is ready to get picked it will not fight you to get off the vine,all you need really is a pinch or snap from 2 or 3 fingers.


Students harvested beautiful green beans.

And we also made a wonderful garden salad, filled with celery, kale, green beans, nasturtiums and an orange that I brought from a friends tree. It helped blend together all the wonderful flavors and textures from all of the vegetables combined.