Buzzy Buzzy Bee

(Planting Peppers for the next cycle of students to enjoy)

Last week was our last day with our second cycle at Wilton Place. We began our day going over our last big idea, Pollination and how flower becomes a fruit through our friends the Buzzy Buzzy Bee. To help them best understand this concept of cross pollination, the students played a game called Buzzy Buzzy Bee. Where some students where trees and the rest of the students where Bees. The Bees job where to visit the trees and pick up one bean which represent pollen from one cup then drop it off to another tree in a cup with star on it that became apples on another tree then they where to take pollen from another cup from that tree and drop it off to another.. The farmer called the beez back to the hive and would count off how many apples where collected through out the season.
This also helps the students understand how seasons also play into apple production.
The students where such excellent sports and played together super well.

At the end we then reviewed everything we learned in our time together. I was impressed with all they had remembered and learned. It has been a pleasure working with such a fabulous group of students.

Ranger Christina