Why Do We Garden? | Foster

I had so much fun today with my students at Foster 🙂 today marked the first week of classes for a new unit so we mostly discussed the purpose of gardening. Instead of me boring them with a list, I decided to ask them what they thought.

Here are my students’ top answers, from Kindergarden to 5th grade:

– to grow food
– to be healthy
– to eat fresher food
– to add oxygen to air (I added that local produce reduces air pollution by reducing use of trucks to import produce.)

Then we reviewed a few garden rules before exploring the garden. What fun we had, finding rolly pollies (which we put in the compost pile). We even found a monarch butterfly!!!


Hope Cox

Hope is an urban farmer, garden educator and foodie transplanted from Tennessee to SoCal in 2014. She hopes to move out of the big city one day to pursue the life of a sustainable farmer; but in the meantime loves to teach elementary kids about how food is grown, nutritious and tasty recipes and connecting with nature.