Where Our Eggs Come From…

Today’s lesson at Toluca Lake was centered around Red, my fabulous travelling hen!  It was the last day of the rotation and Red was a special parting treat for the students as we said goodbye until next year.  Because it was such a windy day, I brought the hen into the classroom. The teachers were gracious enough to allow the bird to hang out in the room while the students sat around and asked questions about the chicken.  My second graders toughed the wind out in the garden and were able to snack one last time on nasturtium flowers as I answered questions.

We covered everything about chicken life spans, roosters vs. hens, egg colors, chicken diets, pecking order, chicken anatomy, dinosaur relationships, reproduction, chick hatching and so much more!   One of the most gratifying moments was when the entire second grade class “oohh-ed” in unison when I said every egg they eat from the store comes from a chicken just like the one sitting in front of us.

Today we took one step closer reuniting these students to the food they eat everyday.


On my own time, I was able to pull the garlic and make garlic braids!  They are hung to dry in the parent center, and will be ready to eat soon!


IMG_2100 IMG_2099 IMG_2098

Jessica Brown