Farewell Marilee and Let’s Talk Soil

This week was bittersweet as Marilee from Gavina coffee came by the garden to work and say good bye. She is moving to Portland and we will miss her presence and visual art contributions to the garden, via compost signage.

The students learned about the three main ingredients that make up soil: sand, silt, and clay. We discussed why it is important to have the best combination of ingredients; loam, to provide the best structure for plants to thrive in. Before testing the soil in the garden we snacked on carrots and celery. After our snack we went out to a garden bed, brushed away the top soil, and dug up handful of soil. We gave it a squeeze, then poked it to see if it held shape or crumbled. We determined that the soil was higher in silt and lower in clay.

Sara Haston

Sara Haston has been a Garden Ranger with Enrich LA since October 2015. Her background is in Health, Farming, and Cooking. She is originally from El Paso Texas and moved to Santa Monica California in 1997. In her free time she enjoys exploring nature, practicing yoga, and having dinner parties.