Six Weeks of Veggie Tasting Pays Off at Weemes Elementary

This week is the last garden class for our second rotation and we have had a lot of different recipes alongside our science lessons and garden exploration. After our class time (where we talked about nutrient and water cycles) we had a final harvest and students made their own hand-held salads using lettuce, chard, squash and beets from the garden. Each class, used all the available veggies in their salads, getting a great dose of vegetables! After our last class I discovered an extra squash we hadn’t chopped up and gave it to an enthusiastic veggie eater. Instead of waiting to take it home, she ate it raw, right away! There’s nothing like growing your own food to help children appreciate fresh vegetables.

-ranger eleanor

Eleanor Goodrich

Eleanor is a garden ranger from Appalachian Virginia. After moving to Los Angeles from her sustainable family farm, eleanor loves sharing her love of food, nature, and dirt with the children of Los Angeles!