Respecting Community at Weemes 

The sun is out and our garden is flourishing at Weemes Elementary, which means we get to have classes outside again! We spent the time searching for all the different insects that live in our garden and then we discussed each bugs role. The students tested their reading comprehension by reading descriptions aloud and sorting each bug into friends or foes. Then, moat importantly, we talked about how the garden and all its bugs rely on each other, even the bugs we see as bad. After we discussed the garden’s ecosystem for awhile, we all agreed that all the bugs belong in the garden and pur plants are a lot happier for the help from their insect friends!

-ranger eleanor

For our snack, we made cinnamon-pumpkin bites with the last pumpkin harvest for the year.

Eleanor Goodrich

Eleanor is a garden ranger from Appalachian Virginia. After moving to Los Angeles from her sustainable family farm, eleanor loves sharing her love of food, nature, and dirt with the children of Los Angeles!