Veggie Testers and Descriptors

IMG_1584In this morning’s rain I found myself indoors with my students.  I tried my hardest to bring the garden inside as the winter harvest is peaking and someone has to eat the veggies!  I brought in dino kale, cabbage, mint and broccoli flowers for some plant identification and taste testing.IMG_1588

To practice our writing skills we labeled, drew and described each plant.  We used all senses when observing and

used grade appropriate adjectives.   Even though we were indoors, the energy and excitement of the garden was definitely present in the classroom.

Between classes and showers I was able to get some garden work done.  Spring is just around the corner and I was able to get some strawberries in the ground.  Fingers crossed no more frost comes our way!IMG_1595IMG_1591

Jessica Brown