The Plant as a System and A New Rotation of Gardeners

November 17th, 2016

In one of our classes today we talked about the different parts of the plant and how together they are a system working for a common purpose, to help the plant grow big and strong so it can make more seeds that will turn into more plants!

We went over each of the six parts: roots, stem, leaves, flower, fruit, and seeds. We discussed examples of foods we eat that come from the six different parts and then we talked about the function of each part and how that function contributes to the plants overall goal, making seeds.

We used this poster to recreate mini plant fold outs in our garden notebooks.



In my second class we had a whole new set of gardeners! We talked about our garden guidelines and how we should act in the garden to stay safe and have fun. We made posters showing what some of our guidelines should be.


We have some garlic in our garden that isn’t quite ready yet but I brought some in for the students to taste and get a little sneak peak to what they are in for. Roasted garlic yo!


What a great day in the garden!

Ranger S.K.

S.K. Amaro