Sleepy Seeds and Mariachi Music at Variety Boys and Girls Club

Though the rain continued almost nonstop today, that didn’t deter students at B&G from taking a moment walk around and check out the garden plants. We found lots of the vegetables have grown a lot over the past few weeks and some are even ready to harvest!

We also found a lot of new weeds that have sprouted since last week. We examined the parts of the new seedlings as we pulled them out. Once we returned to the dry, warm classroom, we finished pictures of the stages of a seed growing into a small plant like the weeds we found in our garden.

Finally, a mariachi band came to serenade us and celebrate the brand new garden mural! What a busy week!

-ranger el

Eleanor Goodrich

Eleanor is a garden ranger from Appalachian Virginia. After moving to Los Angeles from her sustainable family farm, eleanor loves sharing her love of food, nature, and dirt with the children of Los Angeles!