Seeds and Transplants and Harvesting

May 4th, 2017

Today we did it all! First we were able to harvest some potatoes. I think we did it a bit early but it was still fun!


It doesn’t look like we harvested too many in this picture but every student WAS actually able to take home a spud.


Then we transplanted some cilantro because what DOESN’t cilantro go good with. By now the Boys and Girls Club members are pro at transplanting but we reviewed it again anyways and this time I gave the members a bit of a challenge. Since cilantro doesn’t really like too much sun, the transplants needed a place that would get a bit of shade from another, taller plant in our garden. The students then went off to find a suitable spot for their plant.


Finally we cleared a half bed, amended the soil with chicken manure, and planted watermelon seeds. Before we planted the seeds we learned why adding chicken manure to our garden beds is good for our plants. I explained how chickens (and our worms that we love so much) break plant material down into nutrients that our plants are then able to use.


Here’s our watermelon patch with signs made last week!


For snack we harvested more strawberries! Yum!

Ranger S.K.

S.K. Amaro