Seeds and Greenhouses and Soil, Dang that’s a lot

December 1, 2016

Last week with Miss Avila’s class we talked about the plant as a system. Starting with this week, we are making our way from seed to seed and talking more in depth about each part of the plant as it makes it’s way through the process. This week it was the seed!

We talked about how we’ve already seen seeds of all shapes and sizes but each seed contains the same parts! We went over each part and it’s function, then we drew a diagram in our garden notebooks and labeled it!


Next I wanted the students to see first hand that the seed coat was a separate part of the seed so we started avocado pits in cups of water. We each peeled the seed coat of our pit as we talked about how taking off the seed coat lets the seed know it’s time to germinate.

Then I showed the students a mini greenhouse I made for the avocados to live in!

IMG_0955 (2)

I explained quickly how the mini greenhouse worked. The water from the cups would absorb the heat from the suns rays during the day and then release it slowly at night when it is the coldest. It’s a passive solar greenhouse!

Here are the pits all cozy in their new home!

IMG_0975 (1)

With Mr. Geo’s class today we talked all about soil. We learned about the six main types – sand, silt, clay, peat, chalky soil, and LOAM. I sieved a sample of soil to separate out the parts and we all passed them around to see and feel the difference. Next we did our own soil analysis with the settlement jar test!


Next we planted some garlic, just because…when have we ever had enough garlic?!


Finally we got to harvest our first leaves!!! It’s been a hard time going at the Boy and Girls Club since our garden was brand BRAND new in September and the soil needs to be built up. I’ve been adding compost and organic fertilizers and now things are really starting to take off! We were even able to have a small garden salad!


Man it was a really busy and great day in the garden!

Ranger S.K.

S.K. Amaro