First Day at the Community Garden with VBGC members!

November 7th, 2017 marked the first day of teaching at the new Variety Boys and Girls Club garden plot at the White Memorial Community Garden. This community garden has been around for MANY years, with community members of Boyle Heights having their own plots. White Memorial Hospital donated one of the plots to the Variety Boys and Girls Club in Boyle Heights! I’ll be here teaching with two groups from the Club once a week. This first day, we did a tour and introductions. We also got to take persimmons home, which were given to us by the main gardener.

Our plot was pretty empty and weedy, so I decided we would do some sheet mulching. I also decided we will be building what some people consider, lasagna beds. I call it the Sarvodaya Farms way, as that’s how they taught me to build the beds. We will be building our little plot for the coming weeks. The following week I brought cardboard boxes, mulch, and composted horse stable manure. I explained why we were doing the sheet mulching, which was to block future weeds from coming up as well as eventually adding nutrients to the soil. Here are some pictures of the work we have been doing so far!

Here’s a link to a short video of the plot: IMG

First step: take off any remaining tape

Second step: take out any remaining weeds and spread out the cardboard

Step Three: spreading out the mulch

Step four: laying down the stable horse manure, to start to the base of the bed.

-Ranger Cindy


Cindy Soto