Companion Planting Continued

First off here’s another update of our fava beans! They’re doing so great and the students love to see their progression every week.

We continued our discussion on companion planting, going more in depth with some of the different ways plants can be companions for each other; nutrients, spacing (above ground space and root space), weather, and pests. We talked about how some plants can create beneficial weather conditions for their neighbors, like a bit more shade for the shade loving plants while some plants are good at sharing nutrients like one plant providing the nutrients the other one needs.

This naturally led into a discussion about where nutrients come from and I told the students how I added compost and fertilizer to all of our beds. We discussed what both of these things are and where they come from and how they will help our plants.

This is some compost being added to a bed.


Finally we were able to sow some seeds!! We filled in most of the holes in our beds with seeds that were companions to our existing plant friends, discussing why were were planting each seed as we went along.


Cheers from the garden!
Ranger S.K.

S.K. Amaro