Climates and Seasons at Variety Boys and Girls Club

March 9th, 2017

The garden is a buzz with new life and flowers signaling a change in our seasons! Today we learned ALL about different climates and how climate determines the growing seasons. We learned that Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate, meaning it has cool wet winters, and hot dry summers. This means that unlike most places, we have two totally different growing season. We colored a map of the United States based on the different climate zones and compared growing charts from places in different zones.


Then we spent the rest of the time making warm season seedlings; eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and watermelon were among the plants the club members decided to start from seed. In a few weeks hopefully they will be big enough to transplant into the garden.

With the younger group we played “Are you dancing or sleeping??” The club members were each given a card with a plant on it, I described a scenario, “It rains a lot!” “The sun is so hot I can’t bear to wear pants!” Then they had to decide if their plant was Dancing or Sleeping based on if there was a “W” or “C” on the back.


Ranger S.K.

S.K. Amaro