A Sprouting Bean and Vermicomposting!

December 8th, 2016

Things are getting festive at the Variety Boys and Girl’s Club! The painting class and Miss Avila’s library kids have been decorating the garden over the last week and it looks great!


In Miss Avila’s class we continued our way through the life cycle of the plant. Last week we talked about the seed so this week we talked more about the germination process! We played with sequencing cards that show the steps of this process and tried to put them in order with our common sense alone. After some time everyone was able to get it! I was extremely impressed.

Then we talked about each step as we made our way through A Sprouting Bean book and talked about what changed from page to page. Next week we will continue with this topic by making A Sprouting Bean book of our own!

Before we left for the day we harvested more lettuce and had a new kind of salad! This time I brought some seeds to add to the mix!


Mr. Geo’s class was particularly exciting this week. Last week we talked about the structure of the soil and this week we talked about the “meat” of it, the nutrients. Where do nutrients come from? Organisms in the soil break down dead plants and turn them into nutrients that the living plants can take back up.

Since our garden is so new and can definitely use some help in the nutrient department we invited some friends over to help us out, redworms!

But first we needed to make them a home. I showed the students the bin that was going to become our Worm House. I showed them the holes that I had predrilled and we talked about why we needed them; for air, definitely, but also for the worm juice to drain out.

Then we worked together to make a nice fluffy bed from them by shredding up a bunch of newspapers.


We took a little watermelon break to talk about what kinds of foods our new friends eat.


We added the rinds and a bunch of other kitchen scraps I brought from home to the Worm House. Finally we added the worms! EVERYONE wanted a chance to hold a worm which was AWESOME and I was just so excited to see the kids getting their hands dirty.


Next week we’re going to talk more about what we can feed our new pets and make posters to help everyone else at the Boys and Girls Club.

It was another seriously seriously great day at the garden!

S.K. Amaro

S.K. Amaro