A New Worm Bin at Variety Boys and Girls Club

March 2nd, 2017

This week we started a new worm home for our small and slimy friends. We talked about the key components of a good comfortable home: bedding, the right type and amount of food, moisture, and grit.

I brought in a lot of cardboard products from my home and we talked again about different ways we can reuse items that might not necessarily fit our idea of “recycling”. Egg cartons and toilet paper rolls we shredded and added to our bin as bedding.


Then we talked about the types of food we can add and how old plants make a great meal for our worms.


Finally we watered the bin a bit, added some coffee grounds as grit, and introduced our worms to their new home.

IMG_1329 (1)

Boom. Happy worms.


After feeding our worms we snacked on some more kale chips since kale is growing strong at the VBGC garden.

Ranger S.K.

S.K. Amaro