1st day at Variety Boys and Girls club!

May 11, 2017

Today was my first day at Variety Boys and Girls club, I will be taking over Ranger S.K. for the rest of the year! For today, we learned about COMPANION PLANTING. What different plants can be planted near each other and help each other in some way, or which plants shouldn’t be planted together. The three sisters, corn, squash and beans is the big example we talked about, how each plant benefits the other. We also played a companion card game of different fruits and veggies, with their likes (companions) and dislikes. They had to find a partner (companion), that was listed on their likes. At the end of class, each student from both groups had the chance to harvest one garbanzo bean! Kale that they harvested was the taste of the day. Looking forward to the rest of year,¬†couldn’t be happier, Ranger S.K. ¬†left me with a lovely garden and students!

Students touching cucumber leafs, which are similar to squash leafs, while learning about The Three Sisters.

Companion planting with seedlings, with the first group.

Harvesting the Garbanzo beans!

Putting the Garbanzo bean shell into the worm compost.

Harvesting Kale!

They really enjoyed the kale!

-Ranger Cindy


Cindy Soto