Van Ness Deep in the Dirt

We cleaned up the beds and Ms. Chelsea and Udie pulled weeds together.

The students in the VI part of Vaness got their hands deep in the dirt.  Pulling out weeds from the beds especially in areas where we have overgrown vegetation.  We have eaten a lot of Romain lettuce with Hummus because the kids and Ms. Chelsea made it and shared it with us all.  We also practiced planting in pods this month.  We did this with the Gen Ed student also to show them how it is to plant without the ability to see the seed or the earth pods they are planting in.  The exercise  proved to be challenging but they managed as did the VI students they came to see that we can

all have similar challenges we have to overcome when gardening.

PJ Johnson

Rain or Shine at ALC!

Since the rain gave our garden a good soak, this week at ALC we ventured into seeding with carrots, radishes, tomatillos, and spinach.  Hopefully our seeds will start growing roots so the students can take them home and start edible gardens of their own! Kelly Burke joined us to help the student group Urban Empowerment…
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A fantastic new expanded garden at Atwater Avenue Elementary

New Outdoor Kitchen I too, would like to thank the the entire Atwater community for your dedicated service today.  Special thanks to Tomas and the volunteers from EnrichLA, you all are amazing.  Also, I would like to thank Lara and Dana for their vision of this garden two years ago. Thanks Again! Charles D. Smith, Principal, Atwater…
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New garden plans for Roosevelt High-School

On November 5th, we will build this garden. Join us
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On Monday morning right after Adams MS we went to WEST VERNON Elementary to kick-off  there our GARDEN STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM  led by our Star Garden Stewards Meg and Ben. A few classes came by this beautiful garden during the morning, little farmers in the making. We talked about insects and mushrooms (insectos y hongos), checked…
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Monday morning was the kick-off of our GARDEN STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM at JOHN ADAMS Middle School led by our Star Garden Stewards Meg and Ben It was also the beginning of a partnership with CONSERVATION CORPS. They run an after school program lead by Misbran Moradel and implemented on the ground by  Ricardo Hernandez; they will…
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Global ban on toxic exports

Good news! Switzerland and Indonesia negotiated a deal that seeks to ban the export of toxic wastes from developed to developing countries. The deal was brokered between the two countries Friday at the UN Environmental Conference in Cartagena, Colombia where more than 170 nations were in attendance. The UN estimates that of the 50 million…
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Thank You Keller Willims Larchmont

Thank you Keller Williams Larchmont for making EnrichLA the beneficiary of the donations collected at the Larchmont Family Fair on Sunday. Thank you agents Joey, Jeff, Monica and Cynthia for making it so much fun for the kids and families and help us promote “A GARDEN IN EVERY SCHOOL!
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Getting organized at Taking the Reins

By Marina Frugone | November 21, 2018

“How do we know when to harvest?”  aaaah…. a hunch? a feel? it smells right? fruit’s the right size? Why don’t we make a harvest calendar! Pulling out the trusty UC Master Gardener Handbook and looking up the approximate harvest time for each of our plants. The girls are attentive!    Also, though it is…

A world beneath our feet… ALC students dig it up

By Marina Frugone | November 21, 2018

“Eeeeeewwwwwwwwww!” said ALC student. “What did I do?” said squirmy worm exposed to the sunlight. “Worms are amazing. Here, grab one and I’ll tell you about what they do” said Garden Ranger. “Their poop is really good for the plants and they create air pockets for roots. Worms are legit.” said other ALC student. ”…

Sprouts for the Sprouts at Mid-City’s Prescott

By Marina Frugone | November 20, 2018

The 1st and 2nd graders of Mid-City’s Prescott School of Enriched Sciences (the sprouts, the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are the seedlings…) watched these radish babies grow from seed to seedling and last week we discovered why root vegetables sometimes grow hugging each other…like these carrots… Once roots start to grow and grow under…

Stewardship at Taking the Reins

By Marina Frugone | November 20, 2018

Every Sunday I teach at Taking the Reins, a non-profit dedicated to building their four core concepts: responsibility, confidence, teamwork and leadership to teen girls in LA. Last Sunday, our main lesson was on garden troubleshooting and land stewardship where we made a list of things to do when you walk into the garden: watch…

Growing in the City…

By Marina Frugone | November 5, 2018

Between Westlake (McArthur Park) and Downtown LA you’ll find Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, a high school made up of several ‘sub’ schools. One of them, the Academic Leadership Community or simply ALC. The after school garden group meets every Tuesday from 1:30-3PM in a small but oh so mighty garden overlooking downtown. From day one,…

The Wait for Water is Over- Berendo is Blooming!

By Catherine Siefert | November 30, 2018

This month at Berendo Middle School, the students learned about the soil pie chart, producers & consumers, climates & seasons, and parts of plants. This was these students first exposure to the garden so there was lots to learn! With the construction going on, the water had been turned off for a couple weeks so…

Ladybugs, Seeds, & Weeds at 2nd Street!

By Catherine Siefert | November 30, 2018

This month, the students at 2nd Street Elementary learned about dirt, friends & foes, seasons, and parts of plants. This was these students’ first exposure to the garden class so we were starting from ground zero- very exciting! For the “Let’s Talk Dirt” lesson, the students got their hands dirty touching some wet clay soil…

Journaling at Micheltorena

By Alex Arciniega | December 15, 2018

A few months ago, I trained under master gardener extraordinaire, Alexys. She brought out a gardening journal that was given to her by a family member and I just fell in love. I’ve been documenting my personal garden on Insta, via texts, in journals, you name it! So, if we’re going to work with kids,…

Upper Classes Presentations @Micheltorena

By Alex Arciniega | December 15, 2018

It’s time for winter break, and although the kids are probably so excited about the time off, it’s a bittersweet time for me as a garden ranger. Week 6 was our last session for this rotation and I couldn’t be more proud of my upper classes. Not only have these kids grown tremendously, but I…

Getting Kids Going with Composting @ Micheltorena

By Alex Arciniega | October 29, 2018

Kids are awesome! No, really, they are! They intuitively get things that take adults years to understand, and they don’t have all of these ingrained barriers. With that said, let’s get dirty. Compost. EWWWWWW right? Not really as it turns out, I only heard one “ew” from my classes and we moved on. I was…