“We hit the jackpot today!”

                                          “We hit the jackpot today!”

                                                    -An excited Toluca Lake Elementary School student

Yep, it’s summer seedIMG_0647 harvesting time already!   As our days get shorter and nights get cooler, our summer crops know that if they want to survive, now is the time to send out those seeds.  We found a flowering thai basil plant in our garden and each student was able to collect seeds (henc
e the jackpot!).   Turns out 3rd and 4th grader hands are perfectly sized to collect the tiny black seeds from the seed pods.

It is certainly amazing how with just one plant, we were able to collect SO many seeds!   Enough for a whole field of thai basil next year, if we so choose.


On a side note, the water in the garden was turned off this week!   When I arrived, the plants were noticeably wilted.   Luckily, the students

and I were able to give them a deep soaking during gardening class.  FingersIMG_0640 crossed the plants make it through this warm weekend, and the water will be on soon enough!

Fall-time Salutations,

Farmer Jess

Jessica Brown