Rainy Daze at Toluca Lake Elementary

Hooray!  It rained this morning!

I can almost hear the sigh of relief from the all the plants around Los Angeles that have been sticking it out through the long, hot, dry summer. Luckily for our edible garden, we run a drip irrigation system, so all our plants continue to be watered through the dry spell.  Though the plants look extra happy this week with an extra boost of precipitation.      IMG_0928 - Copy

Unfortunately, a rainy day means garden class inside.   But the show must go on!

I brought a little food science into the class today.  Today’s topic: Plant Varieties and Popcorn!

IMG_0926I visited Ms. Gillettes kindergarten class and told a story about corn on the magic rug.   Students were able to touch and see what different varieties of corn look like, and why we have so many different looking corn varieties!   Then we made popcorn, with sprinkles of herbs fresh from the garden.

The 5th graders got a more involved lesson.  We delved deeper into what exactly happens when the corn kernel popped.  The explanation touched on many of the science concepts that they were learning in class. Our new vocabulary words for the day were variety, germination, seed coat, embryo and endosperm.  

They certainly asked many provocative questions involving anatomy, GMOs and plant reproduction, which signals to me that they were engaged in the discussion!

The rain cleared up for my last class of the day.   Mr. Lee’s 5th graders were the lucky group that were able to have class in the garden.



Jessica Brown